XCOM Legends is reportedly shutting down on May 7, 2024

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XCOM Legends, the turn-based RPG, appears to have gone silent on any ongoing development efforts. A post from an older Reddit thread dedicated to the game suggests that XCOM Legends may be on its last legs, with reports indicating that the game is reportedly shutting down on May 7, 2024.

XCOM Legends, developed by Iridium Starfish and published by 2K Games, made its debut through a soft launch in July 2021 for Android and later in March 2022 for iOS. In XCOM Legends, players would take command of XCOM, Earth’s final hope against the oppressive alien regime known as ADVENT. Humanity’s fate hangs by a thread as the aliens unleash a new, terrifying threat.

Speaking about the gameplay, players could engage in thrilling combat using a Gacha mechanic to summon hero units from salvaged alien technology. With 51 unique heroes to collect, players can spend resources to upgrade and fuse duplicate heroes. The game also offered PvE and PvP adventures that included campaigns and bounty raids.

For a franchise that has given so many memorable titles such as XCOM, XCOM Enemy Within, and XCOM 2, XCOM Legends wasn’t a title that fulfilled the expectations. The initial reactions weren’t good, and the only reason players enjoyed it was the XCOM franchise’s popularity.

From what we know, the announcement of XCOM Legends shutting down came as in-game news last month but no official announcement on social media platforms is out yet. The game’s store pages are also inactive, so this game surely is done for good.

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