Wuthering Waves receives severe backlash from players due to a serious translation error

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THE action Role playing game Stormy waves has finally received a global launch, and unsurprisingly, the game has already attracted a lot of attention, and therefore many players are currently active. However, a new version has its own share of problems and thus receives some feedback. However, Wuthering Waves is now facing a strong backlash from players due to a serious translation error, and some of them even plan to report the case to the Department of Consumer Affairs Agency.

Furthermore, the developers have announced a creator program In January 2024, informing interested people on how they could apply. Also, there are resources like codes to redeemA recovery guideA beginner’s guideA guide to the elementsA weapons guide, echoesA up to the systemA cooperative drivingit’s at level list to help you as you progress through the game. You can also delve deeper troubleshooting, Twitch fallsand opportunities for free prizestogether with instructions on how to request them.

Wuthering Waves’ idea of ​​giving 1 roll as compensation to fix the mistake is also receiving criticism

This situation results in a significant translation error on the developer’s part Kuro gamesleading to a misunderstanding among Japanese (JP) players about the effects of 5 stars limited character Jiyan’s signature weapon. Jiyan’s signature weapon effect was incorrectly translated into Japanese as Whenever an introductory skill or a resonance skill,…“,” when it should have been Whenever an Introductory Skill or a Resonant Release,….

While it may seem like a simple mistranslation, these terms refer to specific abilities or mechanics within the game, and players who rely on this misdescription may not understand the actual benefits of the weapon in the game.

Shortly after the error was reported, Kuro games Fixed error in game description. To resolve the inconvenience caused by the error, Kuro Games offered 1 shot, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for already frustrated players.

The issue has escalated to the point that some Japanese players are talking about reporting Kuro Games to this government body. Players may argue that the translation error constitutes misleading information, which is considered a violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

Jiyan stormy wavesJiyan stormy waves
Image via Kuro Games

Well, things are not going well for the developer. The release, according to many players, seems rushed and many believe that the communication gap between the developer and its users is getting bigger and bigger. Let’s hope there are no more obstacles during the game.

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