Woman’s ‘petty’ act against cheating ex-boyfriend divides

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A US woman has shared her “satisfaction” after getting the ultimate revenge on her “cheating” ex-boyfriend.

Ashley VanPevenage, from Washington, decided to take matters into her own hands when she allegedly “caught him” doing the dirty by entering his home and damaging his property.

In the clip, Ms VanPevenage can be seen using a large hammer to carve out the letters “FU” in the wall of her former flame’s house.

Her act of vengeance wasn’t done there, with Ms VanPevenage then writing “Love your ex” underneath her handiwork in spray paint, before turning to the camera and blowing a kiss.

Woman's wild revenge on 'cheating' ex

While the incident occurred a few years ago, Ms VanPevenage has just posted the clip to mark its third anniversary, and understandably it has quickly blown up.

“Today marks the 3 year anniversary of my boyfriend cheating on me,” she captioned the TikTok clip.

“Watching this still satisfies me to this day.”

Many had lots to say about the video, which has been viewed almost 16 million times in a matter of days, with some labelling her revenge act “savage”.

“This is the kind of petty I can get behind,” one wrote.

“I would’ve gone for glitter and hairspray but this works too,” someone else shared.

As many more described the stunt as “iconic”, “brutal” and “genius”.

Others however condemned Ms VanPevenage’s actions, warning that while “infidelity is bad”, revenge is not worth the legal repercussions.

“Revenge is so pointless, why stoop down to their level and possibly risk legal problems for a person who’s not even worth it,” one said.

“Bruv you legit gave him evidence for his court case. Infidelity is bad but not worth getting sued,” another agreed.

As one declared: “This could be considered criminal damage. but glitter on the other hand….. glitter EVERYWHERE.”

While people were concerned about the repercussions of Ms VanPevenage’s act, she revealed in the comments she “got off scot-free”.

In response, many shared non-criminal ways to get back at an ex, including sewing seafood into curtains and mailing exploding glitter.

“Fun fact: if you put bleach on the stitches on the inside of the seam on the crotch of pants the seam will let go at some point under pressure,” another suggestion read.

Another added: “Just put instant mash potatoes everywhere, especially on the yard day before it rains.”

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