Why Andy Lee ‘loves’ not having kids yet with partner Rebecca Harding

Andy Lee has addressed the question he’s “constantly” asked about his relationship with long-term partner Rebecca Harding.

In an interview with Kate Langbroek for Mamamia’s No Filter podcast this week, the popular comedian and media personality opened up about the public interest in when the couple of 10 years will start a family.

“I’ve gone through times where I thought I would, and then I’ve definitely gone through patches of feeling, ‘I don’t think I want this at all’. We’ll see,” Lee said, pointing out there’s plenty to “love” about his life as it is.

“One thing I do love about not currently having kids is how available I am to my family. My mum, my dad and I were down at the beach house the other day and they said, ‘When are you going to start a family?’

“And I said, ‘You realise you wouldn’t be here in this beach house if I had my own family and kids’. I think I spend so much time with them because of [being child-free].”

Lee added that he enjoys “being available to people. It is something that I love with friends – being a reliable source to call upon”.

Parenthood, he said, doesn’t negate your capacity to be a good mate, he added, but “it’s all-consuming. Naturally, people turn inward when they have their own kids.”

“I do definitely worry that having my own family means that I give that up,” he told Langbroek.

“[Having kids] could be the right decision at some point. People think that’s selfish. But it’s not – I get a lot of self-worth. And if anyone calls, I’m happy to go and work out what we need to do, to be a friend.”

Given the longevity of his and Harding’s relationship, every time the couple posts a photo – particularly while away on holiday – it elicits a stream of comments like: “Put a ring on it, mate” and “Come on, Andy, it’s time to get down with the diamond”.

Ultimately, Lee said, marriage isn’t “super important” for the couple – and while he thinks Harding would be “an amazing mum”, the “unfair pressure” to start having children is far from helpful.

“There’s no rub between Bec and I on that front. Because she also doesn’t want [kids] right now. This is the misconception,” he said.

“Like if we posted a picture of us somewhere, everyone’s like, ‘Why haven’t you proposed?’ or ‘Are you engaged?’. No.”

Speaking to Stellar in a joint interview in 2022 about the pressure for them to get married, Harding noted these situations can be harder for women when it comes to public scrutiny.

“It is really unfair, and there is also pressure to have kids, as well,” she said.

“And unfortunately for women, we do have a little bit of a clock that’s ticking.”

She added that the couple is “loving where we’re at, really”.

“We’ve bought a house. We’ve got a dog, and we have a few other projects, too.”

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