Weather forecast: Rain expected to hit large parts of Australia on Easter weekend

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A wet and stormy Easter could be in store for some Aussies, with showers and thunderstorms expected to hit parts of the country throughout the long weekend.

The Bureau of Meteorology is anticipating a dry and mild start to the weekend for the majority of the country, with a few coastal showers forecast for Queensland and northeast NSW.

On Saturday, showers and thunderstorms will start to develop across northern South Australia and western NSW, with the Bureau warning there could be heavy rainfall.

For those in Australia’s southwest, Easter Sunday could be a chilly one, with a cold front expected to clip the region and bring some showers, before a cold front sweeps across the south east of the country bringing showers, thunderstorms and gusty winds on Monday.


Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Dean Narramore said NSW and the ACT were looking at a “mostly fine” Easter weekend, with a few coastal showers along the east coast expected to hit on Friday.

Showers and thunderstorms will develop in western NSW throughout the weekend.

“Broadly speaking, NSW and the ACT overall are seeing a fine, warm and dry Easter long weekend,” Mr Narramore said.

Sydney can also expect “lots of sunshine” with temperatures to reach mid to high 20s.

Canberra will be dry and partly cloudy, with temperatures in the high 20s


While Victorians can expect a warm and mostly sunny weekend, a cold front with showers, thunderstorms and gusty winds may hit the state on Monday.

Melbourne will experience mild to warm weather despite earlier forecasts indicating temperatures could soar to as high as 30 on Sunday.

Temperatures will sit in the mid to low 20s on Saturday but rise to high 20s for the rest of the weekend.


Tasmanians will be treated to mostly fine and dry conditions this long weekend but showers could develop throughout the state from Monday afternoon.

Temperatures in Hobart are expected to be in the low 20s before showers roll in on Monday.

South Australia

While dry conditions can be expected in the capital, Mr Narramore said those in northern parts of South Australia could see showers and thunderstorms develop throughout the weekend.

“Some of those could be heavy, but that’s unlikely to reach into southern parts of the state,” he said.

Forecasts predict a mostly dry and sunny weekend for Adelaide, with temperatures in the 30s for most days.

Western Australia

Mr Narramore said WA could expect a dry and warm to hot long weekend, with the only wet weather to be in the far eastern part of the state, near the NT and SA border.

The Kimberly region could experience showers and thunderstorms.

Temperatures are forecast to reach low to mid 30s in inland areas, while the Pilbara could experience temperatures in the high 30s.

Perth is set to experience temperatures near 30C each day.

Northern Territory

Widespread showers and thunderstorms are anticipated to hit much of the NT over the weekend.

Mr Narramore said the showers and thunderstorms were expected each day.


Showers and thunderstorms already occurring in Queensland are expected to continue into the long weekend and early next week.

Widespread showers and thunderstorms will also continue for much of western and northern Queensland, while inland areas will remain dry.

In Brisbane, temperatures will likely sit in the high 20s.

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