Weather across Australia: Heatwave and thunderstorm dangers warned all over the country

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The next few days of weather will be full of floods and heatwaves that will affect millions across the entire country.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is forecasting a scorching next few days, including heatwave warnings for both Western Australia and Victoria.

Meanwhile, flood warnings have been issued for Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory, NSW and the ACT.

The heatwave warning in WA is valid until Thursday February 15, and includes several severe and extreme heatwave areas across the state. The heatwave warning for Victoria is in place until Tuesday at this stage.

The BOM warned that severe heatwaves are dangerous for many Australians, and people should seek a place to keep cool during this time.

“Close your windows and draw blinds, curtains or awnings early in the day to keep the heat out of your home. If available, use fans or airconditioners to keep cool,” they advised.

Meanwhile, flood activity is particularly high in Queensland, which has had 12 flood warnings issued across the state, ranging from minor to major.

With the BOM watching flood activity in the Western Top End Rivers of the Northern Territory, monsoonal rains have caused flooding in Darwin that resulted in several roads made “impassable” to cars.

The BOM said that when driving on roads in dangerous weather conditions, “If it’s flooded, forget it”.

Another cyclone risk is also on the horizon for the north, which has already seen two ravage the landscape this summer.

The BOM said that from Thursday to Saturday there will be a moderate risk of a tropical cyclone over the Gulf of Carpentaria, which stretches between the Northern Territory and Queensland.

While the risk decreases by the end of Saturday, there is a risk of the cyclone making landfall during this period.

Here are the highest temperatures you can expect from each capital city in the next three days:

Sydney: 31C (Tuesday)

Melbourne: 37C (Tuesday)

Brisbane: 31C (Wednesday, Thursday)

Perth: 42C (Thursday)

Adelaide: 27C (Tuesday, Thursday)

Hobart: 30C (Tuesday)

Canberra: 31C (Tuesday)

Darwin: 31C (Wednesday, Thursday)

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