Viral clip has exposed that what constitutes cheating and what doesn’t

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“Cheating or not cheating?”

Two Aussie blokes have sparked a huge debate about what constitutes cheating, and what doesn’t, exposing the relationship issue has become a much more complex question in 2024.

Jake Craig and Ottie Clarke co-host the successful podcast The Relatables, a show which covers the mates’ musings on modern dating and relationships from a male perspective.

The pair are clearly popular, regularly going viral with clips from their show on TikTok, with their videos gaining over 50 million likes since it launched 2 years ago.

In a clip now amassing over 100,000 likes on the platform, Jake asks his co-host Ottie if he’d consider his girlfriend coming home wearing another man’s jumper cheating.

“Cheating or not cheating? She comes home in someone else’s hoodie after he offers it to her because she is cold and you weren’t there,” he asks.

Is a girlfriend coming home in another man's jumper cheating?

Ottie immediately calls the scenario “borderline,” but when Jake clarifies that the girl in the made-up scenario wore the jumper home from a night out, Ottie claims that means it is “cheating”.

“Why it was cold?” Jake asks, but Ottie doesn’t back down.

Jake then admits that a guy would only give a girl his jumper to take home if he “genuinely” thinks he has a chance with her.

“He genuinely thinks she wants to f**k him,” Jake declared.

Ottie argued that if a man is wearing a jumper on the night out, it is a good item of clothing that probably costs around $100, and it says everything if he is prepared to give it to a random girl.

He said he’d kick his girlfriend out if she came home in another man’s clothes.

“She comes home, and I’ll be like, what is that? And she’ll be like, I was cold. John gave me a jumper. I’ll be like, John’s going to have to put a roof over your head down … Get out of my house,” he said.

Ottie also said she’d probably smell like him from wearing his clothes, and the scenario, no matter how cold she was, is “cheating”.

The conversation sparked a considerable debate in the comment section, with not everyone on board with Ottie’s argument.

“As a female … I would stay cold,” one woman declared.

“If she came home in the hoodie no,” one wrote.

“It creates an excuse to see the guy again soon, so it’s sus,” another theorised.

“Not cheating but I would say it would be disrespectful to your partner to be returning home in another dudes clothing,” someone pointed out.

“Ummm, personally, I don’t really care if it’s cheating or not; if you make your partner feel bad, that’s the problem,” someone said.

“If my girl brought home a new nice smelling jumper, I’d wear it out for breakfast,” another joked.

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