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As March is coming to an end soon, we will look at some upcoming future releases in April 2024 in Mobile Legends. It is going to feature numerous skins and events, alongside the highly-anticipated Promo Diamonds event. Sadly, there won’t be any new hero release in April. But a new hero of Zhuxin is on the horizon, which might be released in May 2024. Hence, without much further ado, let’s check out the different leaks, events, and skins that will be dropping in April 2024 in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends April 2024 Leaks: Upcoming skins for April 2024

April 2024 Starlight skin

The April 2024 Starlight skin will be titled Lylia “Magitech Arsenal” skin and the lucky hero to possess this skin will be Lylia.  Lylia is a powerful AOE/Poke mage hero capable of gradually poking heroes with her skills whilst dealing enormous magic damage.

MLBB Starlight Pass April 2024
Image via MOONTON Games

Lylia’s Starlight skin has cool effects and portrays her as a daring young girl with a long magic wand and mechanical gloom. These cool skin features are mostly observed when Lylia combos her first and second skin giving out a glaring and intriguing visual experience. The skin effects are even well observed when players obtain and use Lylia’s Bonus painted skin.

Terizla ‘Flames of Judgement’ Epic skin

Terizla Epic skin
Image via MOONTON Games

Finally, a new Epic Skin for Terizla is scheduled to be released in April 2024. It is expected to be released on the 17th of April, 2024. The new epic skin should be titled Flames of Judgement and it showcases Terizla as a fierce and powerful entity. The skin would cost 899 diamonds, however, players can make use of the first-week discount to buy the skin for as low as 629 diamonds.

Edith ‘Red Bastion’ Collector Skin

Edith Collector skin
Image via MOONTON Games

The Tank/Marksman role hero, Edith will be debuting with a new Collector Skin in April 2024. This new collector is titled Red Bastion and is going to be available for grabs in the Grand collection event. It would also debut alongside 2 other previously-existing collector skins owned by heroes, Balmond and Cyclops. This skin has intriguing visual effects and exclusive skin effects that make it a worthy collector skin. This new collector is undoubtedly also Edith’s best skin yet, so it is a good choice for the Edith mains.

Mobile Legends X KOF new skins

A new set of KOF Skins collaboration event is expected to be released in April 2024. According to the Advanced Server surveys, the following are the likely heroes that are expected to get new skins in the event;

This event is worth the wait, as it runs from the 24th of April, 2024 till the 31st of May, 2024.

Mobile Legends April 2024 Leaks: Upcoming events for April 2024

Moskov Infernal Wyrmlord Draw event

The Infernal Wyrmlord Draw event is going to be featuring the All-new Moskov Allstar skin titled Infernal Wyrmlord. This event would allow players to make draws to obtain the event-exclusive skin, whilst also bringing about the return of some exclusive Limited-event skins like STUN skins, M World and last year’s All-Star skins amongst others. Skins such as STUN skins and AllStar exclusive skins would be obtainable when players exchange enough crests for the skins.

Moskov skin
Image via MOONTON Games

Judging by the skin’s effects, the Infernal Wyrmlord skin is undoubtedly Moskov’s best skin yet!

c and Mega Sales event

The much-awaited promo diamonds event would be returning to Mobile Legends in March alongside the All-Star event. Promo diamonds are free diamonds that are accumulated and gotten when players perform specific tasks from the event. These Promo diamonds would then be available to use from the 9th of April, 2024 till the 16th of April, 2024.

Players would only need 1 diamonds before they can use them. However, some extra new minimum diamond discount rules have been added, they include:

Promo diamonds 2024
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Players need a Minimum of 100 Diamonds before they can use their promo diamonds to purchase ALLSTAR skins.
  • Players need a minimum of 20 diamonds before they can use their promo diamonds to draw in the Moskov Infernal Wyrmlord event.

During this event time, players would be able to utilize the Mega Sale discount to accumulate and obtain cool skins all for the cost of 1 diamond.

Brawling Beats Arcade Mode

This new Gameplay mode is scheduled to be released on 6th April and will run till 19th April 2024. It is expected to be structured like the Domination Arcade mode. Nonetheless, it seems quite fun as it has a similar design to the new Allstar-themed map.

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