Twisties: Shock as cult Aussie chip launches ‘wild’ new flavour

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Twisties have just announced a “wild” new flavour that is sure to set tongues alight.

The iconic Australian chip has decided to heat up our tastebuds with the launch of a “Spicy Ramen” flavour, due to hit shelves on May 2.

True to its name, the spicy variety of the cult snack has used a mix of red chilli, ginger and black pepper to smack eaters with a “delicious heat”.

PepsiCo, who manufactures a number of beloved Australian chip brands, said the limited-edition flavour was sure to be one “Twisties fans will jump at the chance to try”.

“Twisties newest flavour is the ultimate spicy delight,” Melanie Saluni, Twisties brand manager, told

“Embracing and celebrating the cult following of ramen means we’ve been able to create the perfect sizzling bite – one that we know Twisties fans will jump at the chance to try”, she continued.

“It’s such a unique flavour that will deliver ramen-lovers everything they crave from their favourite dish, as well as mixing in a spicy plot-twist as the hottest Twistie we’ve ever made”.

While the product, will be sold in 80g bags at leading supermarkets and independent retailers from May, Aussies keen to try the new flavour sooner will be able to snag a packet at 7-Eleven stores from April 2.

Food lovers have been quick to weigh in on the new Twisties variety, with many declaring the Spicy Ramen flavour the “best yet”.

“Need to try this,” one wrote on Facebook.

“Hell yes,” another agreed.

As one mused: “Well it’s an interesting choice of favour.”

“Can’t wait to try,” chipped in someone else.

But some who have tried the “hot” new flavour have already declared it “too much” for their tastebuds, warning the new launch is “very spicy”.

Melbourne food blogger @nectoriouspapi shared a video taste-testing the new chip in his car on the weekend, declaring the snack was authentic to the hot soup, but declaring the treat “not for me”.

“For the spicy ramen noodle lovers, check it out, but too spicy for me.”

It’s not the first time Twisties has released a “unique” edition of its cult twisted chips.

The brand dropped a raspberry-flavoured version at the start of last year that was followed by a cinnamon flavour, a collaboration with Donut King.

Both sweet varieties proved divisive among shoppers with some labelling the new Twisties “gross”, as others declared it “interesting”.

Twisties originally launched in Australia 1950 with the iconic cheese flavour.

Its unique shape is made through the manufacturing process which involves feeding a mix of milled corn, rice, wheat and water into a machine known as a rotary head or random extruder.

This machine cooks the mix at high temperature and pressure while forming the pieces, resulting in the characteristic Twisties shape with the knobbly surface and squiggly shape.

After forming, the pieces are oven-baked before being flavoured with a coating of seasoning and vegetable oil.

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