‘Too scared’: Eddie Betts ‘hurt’ by racist slur, makes crushing revelation

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Indigenous AFL legend Eddie Betts says he’s “hurt” by the racist tirade directed at his family but vowed to continue the “exhausting” task of calling out racism in Australia.

On Thursday night, Betts posted horrific security camera footage of his children and their friends being racially abused in their own back yard.

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The video showed a car slowly driving down the road before someone in the car yells out the N-word four times.

The camera switches to another angle showing children playing basketball in the back yard, listening to the disgusting slurs.

“Aboriginal kids deserve to be able to play safely, free from racism and abuse over the fence,” Betts’ caption read.

“We are not even safe in our own homes. If you know who this is please let me them know that I’m open to having a chat about how much this hurts our kids.”

The footage was widely condemned by the AFL world, while Victoria Police said it was aware of the incident but laws required an official complaint before an investigation could be made.

In an impassioned monologue during Fox Footy’s AFL coverage on Saturday, Betts said he was more hurt by the abuse directed at his kids than any racial abuse he copped during his playing career.

Watch Eddie Betts address the racist incident in the video above.

“It was a tough start to the weekend, crappy start with what happened at my house,” Betts said.

“To see that someone actually got out of their car at 8.40 at night, to drive to my house and yell abuse at my kids over the fence — I think this one hits a lot harder than all the racial abuse that I’ve had over my years.

“That’s because it’s directed at my kids with such hatred. The kids are fine now. They were shaken up a bit. They’re too scared too to go out and play basketball at night.

“It was really, really tough and hard to see.

“I’m glad that I brought awareness to this because if I didn’t you wouldn’t have known what happened. This continues to happen to Aboriginal people all over the country.”

Betts said he would continue to call out racism and urged Australians to have “uncomfortable conversations” about racism.

“We’ve just got to keep calling it out,” said Betts, who scored 640 goals across 350 games with Carlton and Adelaide.

“It is exhausting and I’ve called this out many, many times. I’ll still stand here in front of everybody and put my face to it and stand out and call it out, educate and educate because we need to stamp out racism here in Australia all together because it does hurt.

“I want the people who have done this and drove past my house to yell abuse at my kids to know that it is hurtful. This will stick with them for the rest of their lives and the rest of my life.

“The only place I would ever want my kids to feel safe is at home, and they can’t even feel safe at home.

“It has been a tough week but I just want to thank the footy community for their support and showing their love. We’ve got your messages and it means so much to hear your support. It helps us so much. As a family, we’ll continue to stick together and I’ll continue to stand here before everybody and continue to educate. That’s the only way we’re going to move forward.

“To everyone at home, if you’re watching this — please have those uncomfortable conversations with your kids, your family, your friends — because that’s the only way we’re going to move forward in this nation.”

Co-host Ben Dixon said: “Well said Eddie. Great to have you here.”

Western Bulldogs great Brad Johnson added: “Love you mate.”

AFL CEO Andrew Dillon and social policy executive Tanya Hosch issued a statement on Friday.

“Once again, we find ourselves in a position where we must express our strongest condemnation against another example of overt racism, this time targeting children playing sport in their own front yard,” the statement read.

“We acknowledge the leadership of Eddie Betts for bringing this to national attention.

“Racism is wrong. Racism is harmful. Racism requires a response.

“The AFL takes this opportunity to remind everyone at all levels of the game, that racist behaviour is never welcome. Anywhere.

“We invite everyone to follow Eddie’s example in calling out racism when you hear, read or see it. We invite everyone to report racism wherever possible.

“The AFL wish to express our love and best wishes for healing, for the children and families who were subject to the racist abuse shared in the video last night.

“We wish to stand with Eddie and his family and thank him for bringing this disturbing behaviour to our attention. We must not look away, rather we must stand together to play our part to reduce racism.”

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