The side-hustle making Aussies up to $10,000 a month

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Side hustles are growing in popularity, with more and more Aussies turning to new ways of making money in their spare time.

With millions of Aussies feeling the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis across the country, many are looking for a second job or side hustle to give their bank account a boost.

Some Aussies have even been able to make up to $10,000 a month in addition to their main job, through user-generated content (UGC) marketing.

Wollongong woman Elecia Parrott says she earns an extra $500 a month through UCG platform Creatoroo.

She receives free products and gets paid for making quick videos at home, getting between five and 15 jobs a month.

Ms Parrott told NCA NewsWire she started creating for fun on her personal social media platforms in 2018 but got into UGC to express her creativity on a larger scale.

“It can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour to shoot content depending how big of a set up and how big my ideas are to film the content,” she said.

Ms Parrott isn’t alone in her quest for a side hustle, with millions of Aussies looking to give their bank account a boost due to the financial pressure of the cost-of-living crisis.

To combat this, almost a third of all Aussies are looking for a second job or turning to side hustles to make some extra cash.

A survey by comparison website Finder found 32 per cent – or 6.7 million people – felt the financial pressure to work more than one job.

Annalise Wade works full-time but decided to make the jump into creating content two years ago when UGC Agency Creatoroo launched.

“This was the first company that I saw offer content creation to users who don’t have a following and it intrigued me,” she said.

UGC allows regular everyday Aussies to create content and get paid for it without having thousands of followers on their social media.

They don’t even have to come up with a script, edit the content or post it on their personal socials — everything is done by Creatoroo.

Ms Wade said she doesn’t have a big following but she has a creative side and loves “creating specific content for brands and charities”.

“It allows me to not only explore my creativity, but also earn a little extra money, all with the benefits of not having to post on my own channels and have income based off my followers,” she said.

She said the content usually takes between one and two hours depending on the brief, but once she’s done she sends everything to the agency to edit together.

“I’m offered between one and two jobs a month … it’s great because I work full time so I can fit this around my current schedule,” Ms Wade said, adding she earns up to $300 a month.

With more than 2,000 users, Creatoroo connects brands with people who can create content in the comfort of their own home.

Managing Director of Creatoroo Veronica Cremen told NCA NewsWire the marketing tactic differs entirely from influencer marketing.

“Some people assume that UGC is influencer marketing and they need to have a following and people tend to freak out that they’re not eligible, but it is for the everyday person,” Ms Cremen said.

Ms Cremen said brands come to Creatoroo needing content, prompting the agency to find creators who are relevant for the brief and getting the content created.

She said in addition to being paid for the work and getting free product, creating the content can be a fun way to get some extra cash.

In her experience, Ms Cremen said some creators can earn from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 a month.

But those earning high figures are usually putting in a lot of hours of work.

“It would come down to the fact of how much they take on, so it would be a higher volume of videos that they would be doing and also photos they would be taking … but it would be across multiple different brands,” she said.

“Once you start to do a great job lots of brands will want to be working with you and you can accumulate a loyal client base through Creatoroo pretty easily.”

Creatoroo is owned by a digital marketing performance agency and was born out of a “pain point” in an attempt to help create more content for brands to allow them to stand out and succeed.

Ms Cremen said the brands needed more content, but at the same time there needed to be “more voices and more people sharing products”.

She said UGC marketing has a “huge power” in allowing brands to create relatable and engaging content to connect with their audience.

But it’s also a more economical type of marketing, especially for younger brands, Ms Cremen said.

A growing number of Aussie households are struggling to make ends meet, with Finder money expert Rebecca Pike saying millions are looking to second jobs.

“Many have no option but to take on a second job to keep their head above water,” Ms Pike said.

“The cost of living crisis means many are in financial strife and are finding it difficult to pay for rising insurance and energy bills.”

Young Australians are feeling the pinch the most, with 56 per cent of Gen Z admitting they’re on the hunt for a second job this year.

Ms Pike said having a second job is a big commitment and urges young people to look at other ways to boost their bank balance.

“From renting out your equipment you’re not using at home to renting out a spare room or advertising your skills on AirTasker, side hustles can be a great way to earn some extra cash,” she said.

“That way you can pick and choose when you work.”

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