Tesla owner shares video of brand new car being scraped by mother with a pram

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A Tesla driver has shared a video showing a young mother accidentally hitting his new car with her pram in a car park.

The incident was captured by the Tesla’s external camera on Tuesday afternoon in Queensland.

Footage shows the woman struggling to manoeuvre the empty pram out of a tight space between her car and the Tesla.

In the process, she unintentionally hit the Tesla with the pram.

“Not even a day old. People just dont give a fudge about other people property now days I guess,” the video uploader said in a TikTok post.

Users were quick to weigh in, with some cutting the woman some slack and others declaring it an affront to humanity.

“Are you referring to when the pram accidentally touches your car? It clearly hadn’t damaged anything and wasn’t intentional?” one wrote.

“What are you talking about? He’s parked within his lines. She’s being careless with the pram,” another replied.

“That’s just disrespectful. Just take your kid out at the back of the car. So careless.”

Another user pointed out that there appeared to be no visible damage to the vehicle, while others said the woman was just being plain old “selfish”.

Many comments suggested that these incidents are typical in cramped parking spaces in Australian shopping centres.

Others said the video showed just how often you could be filmed committing a mistake in public.

“People have always not cared about other peoples belongings. We just have the tech now to catch their faces when they do it,” one person wrote.

Others shared their own strategies for avoiding similar situations, such as parking far away from others to minimise the risk of accidental damage.

The incident sparked a discussion on social media about the etiquette and challenges of parking in crowded lots, with a focus on the need for greater care and attention to avoid damaging others’ property.

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