Tears of Themis Rainy Pickup limited-time event brings a new Vyn SSR, exciting events, and more

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The global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse revealed that Tears of Themis, the romance detective title, is introducing a fresh Vyn SSR named “Musings in the Rain” through a limited-time Rainy Pickup event. Furthermore, an update for Main Story Episode 11, titled “Cocoon II,” will be available to all players. Alongside these additions, there are thrilling events and a temporary discount offered for the “Vyn – Recreation” Outfit and the event Background.

Embrace the Rainy Pickup event ‘Shadow of Themis’ in Tears of Themis

In the late spring rain, one can indulge in romantic contemplations. The Rainy Pickup Event Shadow of Themis has now been launched! Throughout this event, players can utilize Tears of Themis to obtain cards from the Rainy Pickup Event Shadow of Themis page. Expressing a sentiment, one character remarks, “Though I typically avoid rain due to its potential to cause illness, this moment, running through the rain with you, brings me joy.”

Tears of Themis
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As rain cascades onto a city corner, the interplay of lights and shadows evokes introspective musings. Another character reflects, “This setting doesn’t seem to suit me… Did you choose this jacket for me? If so, I’ll eagerly try it on when we return home.” Within this event’s SSR pool, players will find Vyn SSR cards “Musings in the Rain” and “Aimed At Your Heart,” each with an enhanced draw probability. Moreover, every 100 draws guarantee the acquisition of an unowned SSR card from this Event Shadow of Themis, accompanied by a Trace of Tears ×1 with each draw.

Tears of Themis Rainy Pickup Event introduces discounts on Vyn Themes and more

During the event, participants are invited to team up with Vyn to fulfill various Shop Tasks in exchange for rewards. These tasks encompass assignments from the Tops Shop, Accessories Shop, and Pants Shop. Diverse items are hurled at different trajectories within a set time frame. Players must maneuver the shopping bag left and right to capture these items from the shop. Points are accrued for successful catches but docked for catching undesirable items.

Moreover, players must heed the specific task objectives of each shop to successfully accomplish the corresponding Shop Tasks. Completion of all Story content grants access to an event-exclusive “Blossoms and Birdsong” Badge, S-Chips, and assorted rewards. Immerse yourself in the fragrant allure of blossoms and delight in the essence of spring. Concurrently, there’s a temporary markdown on “Vyn – Recreation” and “Flower and Bird Market” Background available at the Rainy Pickup event page and Mall > Cosmetics Shop.

Tears of Themis Main Story Episode 11 “Cocoon (II)” will release on April 1, 2024

Starting on April 1, 2024, the update for Main Story Episode 11, titled “Cocoon (II),” will be available. Within the narrative, the ambiguity between good and evil is highlighted, emphasizing the difficulty of discernment in various situations. Despite uncertainties, characters opt to hold onto personal beliefs. Against the backdrop of a low-hanging full moon and chilling winds, articulating one’s thoughts during a late-night confrontation proves challenging.

Players who complete all Main Story Episode 11 (II) Anomaly Levels will receive rewards including Vyn SR “Thoughts and Desires” fragments ×10, S-Chip ×100, and additional Episode rewards. Vyn SR “Thoughts and Desires” fragments can be obtained at Main Story Episode 11 (II) Anomaly Levels: 11-16, 11-20, and 11-24. Moreover, Vyn SR “Thoughts and Desires” will be integrated into the Permanent Shadow of Themis in forthcoming updates.

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