Taylor Swift Eras Tour Australia: Everything you need to know ahead of Melbourne and Sydney concerts

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Frontier Touring has back-pedalled on its controversial friendship bracelet rules at the upcoming Taylor Swift concerts.

After initially ruling people were not allowed to carry friendship bracelets in their bags due to “safety reasons”, the company has relaxed the rules following fan uproar.

Concertgoers may now bring their bracelets in their single allowed bags – but may not bring them in their own separate bag.

The unchanged aspect of the rule is that the bracelets still cannot be brought in on carabiners, d-rings, shower curtains or the like.

Frontier has again cited “safety reasons” as the cause.

However, further outrage has been sparked by the venue water bottle restrictions for those holding floor tickets.

Water bottles will not be allowed for floor ticket holders, but Frontier has assured concertgoers “there will be ample water and refill stations available” and if a person had medical accessibility needs, they should speak to stadium staff.

Any relevant medical exceptions to the rules would apply as per usual, but relevant doctor letters should be brought to show stadium staff.

Dissatisfied, fans have taken to social media to express their concern and have shared worry about the health and safety consequences of not allowing water bottles on the floor.

“People don’t want to have to go and refill their water cups all the time, and cups will have to be held at all times to avoid contamination,” one woman wrote.

“It’s a health and safety issue and easily fixable by you.”

Another woman expressed further concern about the water rule.

“So just to clarify, I need to go to my doctor to get a medical certificate so I can bring a water bottle in so I don’t have a panic attack??” she wrote.

“Serious mental health question. This is creating so much unnecessary anxiety for so many people.”

Some suggested on social media the water bottle ban was to ensure nothing was thrown at Swift in during the concert, but most fans were more concerned about their safety.

Many were also alarmed by the fact there was no contact number provided to prewarn stadiums about medical issues.

Further clarifications have also been made about venue rules on portable phone chargers, sunscreen, water bottles and medical exemptions.

Power banks to charge phones are allowed, but they must be smaller than the size of the phone – while sunscreen is allowed and encouraged, just not in aerosol form.

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