Sydney Sweeney leaves fans ‘uncomfortable’ with ‘weird’ new ad

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Sydney Sweeney fans have revealed concern for the star after she appeared in an ad that many felt had an uncomfortable message.

The Anyone but You star is the face of the skincare and makeup brand Laneige and recently appeared in a commercial for its Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask, reports the US Sun.

The ad begins with Sweeney, 26, holding a jar of the skincare product while wearing a tight-fitting white tank top.

The phrase “bouncy and firm” was positioned over the Euphoria star’s breasts as she recited the dialogue for the ad.

Sweeney is then shown applying the night-time facial cream as she tells viewers to “stay glowy,” “stay plump,” and “stay you.”

She re-emphasized, “Stay bouncy and firm,” as the ad concluded.

Laneige reposted the close-up still shot of Sweeney sporting the skin-tight tank taken from the ad on their social media.

The still was accompanied by the suggestive caption, “Can talk about the word ‘plump’ for a second? How good is that word? Sorry – got distracted. Buy our NEW Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask.”

The company’s social media post was later reposted on a pop culture-dedicated Reddit board.

The post was titled, “This Sydney Sweeney ad for Laneige is uncomfortably centred on the male gaze for a skincare line targeted towards women.”

The author continued, “Has anyone else seen this? I’ve seen this ad numerous times now (im a skincare girly so it makes sense) and I just loathe how it says ‘bouncy and firm’ right across her breasts as some sort of cheeky joke.

“I hope Sydney herself signed off on the language and direction in this ad because if she didn’t I roll my eyes completely.”

In the comment thread, one fan wrote, “The text placement kills me lmao it doesn’t even look good there??”

“That’s the whole point of the ad is it’s a joke about looking at her boobs,” commented another.

A third commenter mentioned, “They said ‘plump’ and talked about being distracted (by her boobs) in the post text.”

“It’s the whole idea around the ad, it’s overt not covert,” added a fourth.

Further down in the comment thread, one Redditor mentioned, “It’s so off-brand and unexpected from Laneige as well, doesn’t align with their brand persona.”

A second person agreed, writing, “Yeah, their ads are usually very female-focused (for lack of a better word) and youthful. Their branding colours are super soft and ‘feminine’ looking so this is a bizarre departure from their normal branding.”

“I’m so tired of this lmao this type of marketing is just so outdated and corny,” remarked a third.

“When can we move on from Sydney Sweeney’s breasts?” questioned another.

A fifth commenter wrote, “Yuck. They don’t need to do this. Makes me lose respect for the brand.”

This article originally appeared in the US Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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