Suika Game, the hit casual title to get an Android release this April 2024

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Suika Game, the hit casual gaming title brought to you by Aladdin X Inc., is all but set to get an Android release this April 2024 month. The game, earlier released for iOS is now expected to be released for Android by mid-April.

Solve the puzzles, match the fruits to score points, and land high scores with the Suika Game

The game Suika Game can be seen as a casual puzzle title where players have to match the fruits of the same size and color to land them and score the maximum points possible. There are multiple types and colors of fruits available in the game and it is your task to get the maximum points out of them by adjusting them with their identical fruits in the game.

The rules of the game are simple whenever a fruit lands on the surface you start getting points, however, when a fruit lands near or on the identical fruit it becomes bigger and scores you more points. When fruits of the same type hit each other, they evolve into the next size of fruit and the score increases. Not everything is limitless though in the game, as there is a barrier up to which you can stack the fruits. Once the fruits hit the barrier they start to overflow and the round ends.

Hence the aim of the game is to get the high scores in by adjusting the placements of fruits in the stack. You can use your finger to move fruits to the left and right and then take your finger off the screen to drop the fruit, this way it allows you to have more control in the game. The game ends and so does your score once you hit the ceiling and overflow the fruits in the game.

Suika Game is now available for pre-registrations for Android

Suika Game Android, Suika Game
Image via Aladdin X Inc

With the iOS version of the game already available, the Android version of Suika Game is set to be released in mid-April, and the pre-registrations are live. If you are interested in the game, be sure to access it via Google Play and play it on iOS via the App Store.

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