Strong reaction to Shaquille O’Neal’s controversial view on women

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Shaquille O’Neal, a divorced father of six children, including three daughters, has opened up a can of worms online by claiming men can “never” open up to a woman.

The basketball legend was in conversation with comedian Kountry Wayne on The Big Podcast with Shaq when they began discussing relationship pitfalls.

“The day you fall off, that woman ain’t as interested as you think,” Wayne began.

“She don’t want to hear no complaints. The day you think you can come home and be like ‘baby, I was down, I lost …’ she going to stroke your ego, but she’s going to remember. You cannot let them see you down one time. The world can’t see your head down.”

“Ever,” Shaq agreed.

The podcast’s co-host Adam Lefkoe tried to argue with the pair, saying: “I want you both to know that you can.”

“Cannot,” Shaq replied.

“You don’t think you’ve ever had someone you really can trust?” Lefkoe continued.

“Open up to a woman? Never,” Shaq said.

“No. Never. We don’t. You know why? I’ll tell you why. Because once you do, whenever something go down, they’re going to throw it back in your face. That’s why.”

The comments were met with a wave of criticism after they were widely shared on social media.

“The emotional intelligence in this comment is lower than Shaq’s free throw percentage,” renowned psychologist Adam Grant commented. “Way to perpetuate negative stereotypes of women, encourage men to be emotionally stunted, and limit connection!”

“Shaq and the other guy are bonded/bonding via trauma, because they agree doesn’t mean that its correct or the best way to conduct yourself in a relationship or with your wife, they are in a constant state of being defensive and covering up ant issues they face, even to the women closest to them, that’s unfortunate and must be exhausting” wrote another.

O’Neal was married to his ex-wife Shaunie from 2002 to 2011. He has been linked to several women since but has not considered remarrying.

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