Sofia Vergara’s Architectural Digest house tour: Star keeps nude photo of herself in wardrobe

Sofia Vergara enjoys having a visual reminder of her “young and fresh” years.

Vergara gave Architectural Digest a tour of her Los Angeles home for its March issue. In a video interview with the outlet, the Griselda actress invited viewers into her lavish closet in her Beverly Hills mansion, which is home to a few “very special” items — including a nude photo of Vergara.

“This is where I actually really live — in my closet,” Sofia said in the video. “This is where I spend most of my time. This is like a girl’s dream.”

Vergara keeps her favourite items on top of her marble island in the middle of the walk-in closet.

“All this stuff on the counter is very special for me,” she said before showing off a photo of her late brother and cousin, as well as an item she found at an antique shop in Paris.

Then, Vergara picked up a black-and-white nude photo of herself.

“And this picture, it was when I was young and fresh,” she said.

In June 2023, Vergara and her estranged husband, Joe Manganiello, listed their home for $US18 million. The property was on the market in July 2022 for nearly $US20 million.

Vergara told AD that she wanted her lavish Los Angeles estate to feel “homey and comfortable” while praising interior designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano for bringing her vision to life.

“I loved working with Ohara. She kind of saved my life because I was at a little of a crossroads,” Vergara said in the Architectural Digest video. “It was either, ‘I’m going to hate this house or I’m going to love this house. What am I going to do? I don’t want to move in here because I don’t think things are coming out the way I wanted.’”

Aside from her closet, Sofia is fond of her sprawling backyard.

“When I found this house, it was horrific. It was like a castle in Transylvania,” she said. “But when I walked outside and saw this garden, I knew this was where I wanted to live. This outdoor area is like an extension of the house. The most special area in the house.”

In December, Vergara found herself tied up in a legal battle with a home contractor over renovations to the Los Angeles home.

Sofia had issues with Reside Custom Homes before the company decided to sue Vergara for $US1.7 million, her lawyer Marty Singer told Fox News Digital in December.

“My client made claims against the contractor, Reside, several months before this specious lawsuit was filed,” Singer said in a statement. “Sofia Vergara’s claims were for significant overcharging by Reside, substandard and negligent work, and long delays seeking damages in excess of $US5 million.”

“We are confident that my client will prevail in this dispute.”

The contractor claimed the bulk of the work was completed by December 2022 but Vergara commissioned more renovations. The extra work took another three months to finish, the court docs alleged.

Reside Custom Homes claimed the company fronted the money for the additional work with Vergara agreeing to pay them back. However, the Modern Family star allegedly never did, according to the contractor.

The court docs claimed Vergara told the contracting company she had approved a $US900,000 invoice and alerted her money manager to pay up.

Now, Reside Custom Homes has sued Vergara for the amount she allegedly owes — $US1,700,492.64.

The lawsuit is still ongoing.

Joe and Sofia announced their separation in July 2023, and the Magic Mike actor filed for divorce two days later, citing “irreconcilable differences” in court documents obtained by Fox News Digital.

Vergara recently told the Daily Mail that she’s open to dating. She was asked if she was on dating apps, and she replied, “No, I wish!”

“I’m bad with technology, so I’m sure I would click on the wrong ones. I’m open to having fun and meeting people,” Vergara said.

“It’s only been six months,” she noted, referring to her break-up.

The Colombia native continued, “It’s weird, because I’ve now lived longer in the United States than I lived in my country. But I’m still very Latin. I workout to Latin music. In my car, it’s Latin music. My friends — my close friends — are either my cousins or the ones I met at kindergarten.”

“So now I need a husband!’” Vergara added before she clarified, “No, I don’t need a husband. I want one.”

“It doesn’t even have to be a husband,” she continued. “A partner.”

Over the past few months, Vergara has been spotted out on dates with Beverly Hills-based orthopaedic surgeon Justin Saliman.

Meanwhile, Manganiello also appears to have moved on from their marriage. The True Blood star has been romantically linked to actress Caitlyn O’Connor, 33, since September.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and is republished here with permission.

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