Simone Callahan’s devastating diary entry after Shane Warne cheating scandal

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Simone Callahan has revealed the devastating diary entry she wrote following her marriage infidelity scandal.

The 54-year-old has divulged deeply personal details about how she and her family overcame the “agony” of the cheating storm that ended her marriage with cricket icon Shane Warne.

Callahan was married to the legendary spin bowler in 1995, with the couple welcoming children Jackson, Brooke and Summer before divorcing in 2005.

Warne tragically died while on holiday in Thailand in March 2022 in news that left people across the globe heartbroken.

Callahan said in 2022 the family planned to “set up a life in England” where Warne was playing in the Ashes series, only for a media storm to erupt as she arrived.

Numerous newspaper reports revealed Warne had been unfaithful with multiple women, leaving Callahan devastated.

Now Callahan has opened up on how she was really feeling in the middle of the media storm after doing her best to remain strong for her family.

Talking with Stellar, Callahan has shared the diary entry that captured her survival strategy.

“Thank God for yoga,” she wrote.

“(It) helps me feel OK about it all, coming to the realisation it’s all over and as sad as I feel, [I] need to believe that it wasn’t meant to be and I’ll be OK and everything happens for a reason.”

She went on to say: “I’d always tried so hard to protect the kids and mask how I was feeling internally.

“They were eight, six and four, so I didn’t want them wondering why I was sad. I still had to show up for them. I felt like I’d failed my marriage and failed my kids because you don’t go into marriage thinking you’re going to get divorced. I felt like I had let my kids down. They weren’t going to have the same family values that I had growing up, so I was sad for them that they were going to miss that.”

Callahan is a deeply private person and introvert. However, she has opened up like never before in a new book Growing With Grace: A Journey Into Self-Discovery, Wellbeing And The Art Of Living Consciously.

She writes in the book she experienced “agony” in the days surrounding her marriage breakdown.

She describes the tragedy of her ex-husband’s death as a “sucker punch”.

“It was so sad when they lost their dad,” she said.

“It was so shocking how it all evolved and I just wanted to be there for them.

“Death happens to all of us. It makes you even more grateful, when you’ve experienced it, to live for yourself and the people that you love.

“That’s what we try to carry with us from Shane’s passing. If I hadn’t gone through [what I have], I wouldn’t have had the life lessons, and I might not have been as strong as I am now. It’s taught me to stand in my own power and have the courage to keep moving forward. You’ve got to feel it to heal it.”

Warne, 52, was found unresponsive in a villa on Koh Samui on a Friday afternoon when one friend reportedly tried to wake him to no avail.

The group then desperately attempted CPR before an ambulance arrived and took the cricket legend to the Thai International Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The cause of death was a suspected heart attack.

You can read the full Stellar interview with Simone Callahan inside The Sunday Telegraph (NSW), Sunday Herald Sun (VIC), The Sunday Mail (QLD) and Sunday Mail (SA)

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