‘Should be arrested’: Skateboarder filmed atop Melbourne skyscraper

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A skateboarder has turned heads in Melbourne after being filmed rolling around atop a skyscraper.

In a video posted to Reddit, the daredevil can be seen doing a kickflip next to someone filming.

The footage showed him readjust his balance as he landed the trick dangerously close to the edge of the building, which did not appear to have a safety barrier.

Commenters weren’t too impressed by the death-defying stunt, pointing out that if his board fell from the roof, it would likely kill someone going about their business on the street below.

“This s**t pisses me off. If you want to be a moron and kill yourself, fine by me. But DON’T risk falling off a building on to the people below and DON’T risk a heavy object like a skateboard falling off and killing people below. These (people) should be arrested,” one person wrote.

“I actually work in this building. People use tailgating to get into to the building, then they gain access to our common area balcony and climb their way up to the actual rooftop,” another wrote.

“The area they’re skating on is only meant for window washing technicians to hook to the anchor points and rappel down. Nobody is ever supposed to be there without clearance and a safety harness attached. I’ve reported this to my superiors.”

Another image posted on the same day showed what appeared to be seven people sitting and dangling off the edge of a highrise.

“I feel sick just looking at that!” one wrote. “Someone is going to end up dead.”

Commenters believed it was a group of teens bored during the school holiday.

“Teens are not known for common sense neither wise choices. Social media and need for attention doesn’t help either. It’s probably one ringleader who suggested this, rest just went along with it. Peer pressure is a thing.”

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