Shopper left shocked by a ‘gross’ act by fellow Coles customer

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A woman has been left disgusted after she witnessed an unhygienic act at one of the major supermarkets.

TikTok user @laurakleis, who also goes by Lola on the app, said she was in Coles when she witness something that “altered” her life.

Lola said she loves to use the Scoop and Weigh section at the supermarket as it has a variety of treats – such as the chilli and lime soy crisps she enjoys – for a cheaper price point.

She said she didn’t want to pay $6 for a large bag when she can just pay for what she needs.

“I just saw a guy walk up to it, opened the lid,” she said, miming the man sticking his uncovered hand into the container.

“Then he ate it.”

Shopper witnesses 'gross' act at Coles

She said she felt as though she could never use the Scoop and Weigh section at Coles again after witnessing the man’s act.

Social media users were disgusted by the man’s actions but, shockingly, man weren’t surprised.

“I work at Coles and after seeing what people do (kids shove hands in, people cough, dirty hands in always) pay the $6 babe,” one said.

Another said: “I once witnessed someone open one of the scoop and weigh containers to sneeze directly into it.”

“Yep, this is why we can’t have nice things,” one social media user said.

One social media user commented: “That’s what people have been doing since the beginning of time, and why I’ll starve before buying or eating ANYTHING from those things.”

“This is enough to ruin the butter filled pretzels for me. I will still buy and enjoy lol random human germ and all,” another said.

“I’ve always avoided scoop and weight unless workers scoop. The general public and kids just manhandle those bins. Never seen it but I knew instantly gross ppl would,” one said.

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