Second Valley Beach in South Australia gives ‘European vibes’

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Tourists have discovered one of South Australia’s most instagrammed locations — and they’re in awe.

Second Valley Beach has been described as a “hidden gem” and likened to a “slice of Italy”, so it’s no wonder why it’s dominating social media feeds.

The beach is popular for swimming, jetty fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving and is located just an hour and a half outside of Adelaide — near the small town of the same name on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Beachgoers just need to follow the open valley that narrows at the coast to a gap, through which flows the small Parananacooka Creek and the road to the beach.

“Swimming here on a 30+ degree day was heaven,” Sydney travel blogger Fran Magiera said in an Instagram post.

“It’s also one of the Fleurieu Peninsula’s most popular spots so come early!”

Others described the picturesque coastline as a “literal dream”.

“It’s just gorgeous we are so lucky here in South Australia,” one woman wrote on TikTok.

It’s also home to a caravan park which sits on the landward side of the gap.

“The eastern beach is sandy and popular for swimming. To the west is a north facing curving long boulder beach attached by rock reefs to a small headland,” South Australia states on its site.

“Conditions are usually calm at this part of the beach; however it is dominated by rocks and reef.”

It’s also a popular kayaking spot, with plenty of caves and bays to explore.

“Start from Second Valley Beach and paddle west around the rocks at the edge of the bay, then follow the coast to discover hidden grottoes and interesting rock formations,” Family Parks Australia states on its site.

“Kayaks and stand up paddle boards can be hired from the Jetty Store at Second Valley Caravan Park.”

Scuba divers and marine lovers will be pleased to know it’s also home to resident fur seals, string rays and elusive leafy sea dragons.

TripAdvisor has almost 1000 mostly “excellent” reviews of the beach with many boasting about its European-like looks.

“Such a magic location where people bring the European feel. Stripped tents, snorkelling and the European bathing suits!” one person who gave it a 5-star rating wrote.

“Such a great place, we loved coming here and exploring all of the history this beach holds. Only thing is there are shark rocks so beware! Views are great but we came in colder weather so we couldn’t swim but the swim here in warm weather is beautiful. Definitely recommend coming here!” wrote another.

Second Valley Beach is also a well-known cliff jumping spot however officials have warned against this due to injuries caused by the jagged rocks.

“Just loved this swimming location, very family friendly! The jetty is great for a walk or spot of fishing and this beach is great for diving too,” another 5-star review read.

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