Royals latest: Queen Mary set for enormous pay rise now she’s on the throne

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King Frederik and Queen Mary’s salaries have been revealed, and they’re certainly nothing to scoff at!

For fulfilling their royal duties in 2023, a new finance report has revealed that the pair earned a whopping $3 million.

According to Mail Online, $498,359 of that total was set aside as a direct “grant” for the then Crown Princess Mary.

The couple also had around $640,000 to spend as they pleased on unofficial travel, clothing and other personal expenses.

The rest of their royal income, which is paid for by the state, was laid out for other members of the family and extra costs such as housing and staff salaries.

However, this is all set to change for this year now that Mary is queen.

Last year, former queen Margrethe received a grant of $13 million, with a private allowance of $2.9 million.

While a huge rise is expected from the amount the royal couple received in 2023, their financial future has not been officially decided due to the country’s plans to overhaul the royal’s appanage system.

The new legislation will determine the amount the royal couple get, and what amount of that they can spend “as they please”.

Meanwhile, Queen Mary’s ascension marked the culmination of a 19-year apprenticeship as Crown Princess of Denmark, a title bestowed upon Mary upon her marriage to Frederik in 2004.

Since joining the royal family she’s been widely praised for her dedication to public duty and commitment to learning the notoriously challenging local language.

During January’s proclamation, King Frederik was visibly overcome with emotion as he delivered his speech from the balcony.

“My hope is to become a unifying king of tomorrow,” he said.

“It’s a task I’ve approached all my life. It’s a task I’ve taken on with pride, respect and joy.”

His wife smiled and held his hand before kissing him as she showcased her support.

The couple’s accession came just two weeks after Margrethe II, 83, announced her decision to step down from the throne after more than half a century.

Frederik and Mary enjoy a good relationship with the Danish people and have remained popular.

A poll in January, conducted by news agency Ritzau, asked how well-suited Frederik and Mary were to becoming King and Queen, with 82 per cent backing Frederik’s abilities, and 86 per cent behind his wife.

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