Qantas bag note: Airline apologises after rude note on airport bag

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Qantas has apologised after a passenger discovered a crude note left on his bag after a domestic flight in Western Australia.

Perth man Sonny Tilbury spotted an unusual message scribbled on his “heavy” luggage tag after taking a two hour flight from Perth to Karratha on Friday.

In photos shared on social media, the word “c***” appears to have been written on the 31kg tag in green marker.

“Clearly the Qantas baggage handler at Perth Airport wasn’t happy lifting my bag,” Mr Tilbury wrote in the post.

“He left me a nice note to read on arrival.”

Others expressed their shock over the note online, with one person suggesting Mr Tilbury should report the incident.

“With that kind of attitude, I can see them stuck there shuffling luggage for a lifetime,” one person wrote.

“What a disrespectful so and so.. not cool at all,” said another.

“At least you got your bag … Just flew Perth to Broome and they left everyone’s bags in Perth,” wrote another.

Qantas has since apologised to Mr Tilbury, stating the baggage handler will never work on one of the airline’s flights again.

“This is clearly unacceptable behaviour,” a Qantas spokesperson said in a statement to

“Menzies, our ground handling provider at Perth Airport, has assured us that the baggage handler involved will never work on Qantas Group aircraft again. We have sincerely apologised to Mr Tilbury.”

Mr Tilbury has been offered a travel voucher following the incident.

Upon stepping into the role in September, new chief executive Vanessa Hudson apologised to customers who felt let down by the airline.

“I know that we have let you down in many ways,” Ms Hudson said in an apology video to customers.

“We want to get back to the national carrier that Australians can be proud of.”

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