Police update after Veruca Salt’s newborn son died

Police are now trying to find answers after social media influencer Veruca Salt’s newborn son died suddenly last week.

The Courier Mail has reported that the police are investigating sleeping arrangements, but suspicious circumstances as a cause of the child’s death have been ruled out.

Social media influencer Salt, whose real name is Kimberley Summer Hartley, revealed on Instagram that her newborn son Cash had died earlier this week.

“It is with a heavy heart that I’m writing this. My baby died in his sleep on Monday morning,” she wrote.

She also explained that she didn’t know what had “happened” and there would be an autopsy, but that didn’t mean she’d ever get an answer.

She said she was sharing this with her online community because she was finding it hard to read new comments about her son on old videos she’d uploaded.

“I’m just saying this because people are still commenting on my TikToks saying how happy I look with him and ‘just wait for the toddler stage’ and stuff, and I really can’t take it anymore. I’m really sorry,” she wrote.

The Gold Coast Influencer has over 800,000 followers on TikTok, and she’s gone viral multiple times for sharing her pregnancy journey and later her life with her son and now, sadly, his death.

After she bravely shared that her son had died, she was then met with people calling her out for going online to discuss his death and being critical of the way she was choosing to grieve.

One person wrote that they meant no “hate”, but they had no idea how she could go online and edit TikToks after her son had died.

“I would be in bed for weeks, an absolute mess … RIP,” one claimed.

Responding to the comment in a separate video, the grieving mother said others don’t understand how “insane” she is feeling right now while grieving the loss.

“I was literally talking about this with my friends like it won’t take long to do something for people to say ‘that’s not how I would act’ from people who are literally imagining how it would be,” she said.

She pointed out that people have “no idea”, and most people haven’t experienced what she had.

“You have no idea, because your baby is not dead. Mine is, and I found him like that, and it’s not happening to you,” she said.

She said that while people might think the death of their child would naturally make them want to spend days in bed, that wasn’t the reality because she was afraid of falling asleep after losing her son and having to wake up and realise she’d lost him all over again.

“Every time you wake up you’re going to forget, and you’re going to go get your baby, and he’s not going to be there,” she pointed out.

She also said that she had found that being at home was hard because reminders of her son were everywhere.

“You have no idea what is going on in my head every five seconds. I feel insane. I feel crazy. And you don’t get it,” she said.

Despite people’s opinions, she’s continued to share her grief and shared online that she has no tears “left” and wrote that all she wants is her baby “back.”

One particularly stark TikTok features the influencer holding her son’s toys.

“Haunted doesn’t even begin to describe it,” she wrote.

She also wrote that she’s not sure how she’s meant to live the rest of her life without her son.

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