Police charge young girls with burglary, assault, property damage and stealing

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Confronting scenes captured on CCTV allegedly shows three young girls aged 10, 11 and 12 breaking into a community leisure centre, throwing rocks and smashing windows, almost injuring a cleaner working inside.

WA Police allege the girls threw rocks and other items at the centre, damaging several glass windows and other property, as well as stealing a defibrillator.

A WA Police spokesperson told NCA NewsWire the cleaner who was working inside the building was almost hit in the head.

It happened in the East Kimberly town of Kununurra about 9.30pm on Monday night.

Kununurra police have charged the girls with aggravated burglary, common assault, criminal damage and stealing.

Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley director of planning and community development Nick Allen said you could see the girls on security vision throwing rocks and one of them disable a security camera.

Mr Allen said the situation escalated when the cleaner opened the door and asked them to leave or threatened to call police.

“It was very close to hitting him in the head,” he told The West Australian.

“And they were large rocks, larger than a golf ball.”

Mr Allen said the cleaner was forced to hide in an office when one of the girls allegedly held a part from a weight machine above her head in his direction while he was standing behind a glass divider.

“Police arrive within minutes and the three girls were apprehended on the front lawn,” Mr Allen said.

“Six windows are broken, and the gym had to be closed all (Tuesday) to be cleaned.”

The repair bill is expected to be about $20,000.

“Unfortunately, break-ins have happened numerous times (at Kununurra Leisure Centre), but usually it is to get ice cream or soft drinks, nothing where we have had someone being threatened before,” Mr Allen said.

“It’s frustrating because often the same people breaking in are the same ones using the water park, basketball court, et cetera. It impacts the community, but it also impacts the offenders.”

WA Police said the three girls are due to appear in Kununurra Children’s Court on April 22.

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