Pirate War reveals a new season, Samurai Seas, with exciting new adventures, heroes, and more

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FunPlus, a prominent independent game company, has revealed the introduction of a fresh season titled Samurai Seas for its widely praised mobile strategy game, Sea of Conquest: Pirate War. This latest season assures players of an exhilarating and captivating journey as they delve into unexplored territories, encountering daring obstacles on the vast ocean.

Dive into exciting adventures in the new season Samurai Seas

The players are set to embark on new quests and adventures within the Samurai Seas, aiming to solidify their legendary reputation. They’ll delve into fresh incidents, locations, and map events, sparking their desire for excitement.

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Samurai Seas Chizuru
Image via FunPlus

Uncovering concealed treasures, confronting formidable creatures, and experiencing unforeseen twists are all part of the experience with the revamped treasure map system. Engaging in the intensely competitive Trade Guild Wars, they’ll compete for dominance in guild rankings by trading treasures.

Sea of Conquest: Pirate War introduces new heroes and ships in Samurai Seas

In the game, players have the option to enlist fresh heroes from the tavern to bolster their crews on the grand adventure, including individuals such as Chizuru and Obi. (Please note that these heroes may not be accessible in all servers, as players need to enhance their UID level to unlock them.) These newly recruited heroes will partake in fresh stages of maritime expeditions, each undergoing a distinct journey of development. Additionally, players can employ varied tactics by incorporating new ships into their fleet formations, such as the Orochi vessel.

Sea of Conquest Pirate War Samurai Seas Obi
Image via FunPlus

Furthermore, Sea of Conquest delves deeper into its already intricate hero system with the introduction of a new feature known as Hero Dispatch, enabling players to utilize their roster in more versatile ways and reap greater rewards. Moreover, Sea of Conquest presents an “April Fools” event dubbed High Seas Circus.

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