Perth woman Kristy Dunlop recounts Rivervale alleged burglary

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Moments after putting her son to bed on Good Friday, Kristy Dunlop could hear a disturbance in the kitchen.

Police say the mother-of-two found an alleged home invader trying to steal a laptop, and the frightening ordeal ended with the 43-year-old needing stitches in her head.

Ms Dunlop told 9News about the incident, saying her six-year-old son is terrified of strangers in the house; “literally witnessed his worst nightmare”.

The incident happened in the eastern Perth suburb of Riversdale about 9pm on March 29.

Ms Dunlop said she and her husband accidentally left the garage door up when they got home.

They did not realise the door was up, and while putting her six-year-old to bed Ms Dunlop heard a noise in the kitchen.

She went to investigate and saw a person allegedly taking her laptop.

“I came out and confronted him and grabbed him, he sort of yelled to let him go,” Ms Dunlop said.

“We’ve struggled down the hallway, he dropped my laptop.”

Police will allege Ms Dunlop was then struck on the head with a mallet.

Six staples were applied to the wound later in hospital.

Police alleged the intruder also stole a mobile phone and car keys, before Ms Dunlop’s husband chased them away.

“I think in reality I’m lucky, it could have been a lot worse. It could have been my kids,” she said.

“My six-year-old, who has trouble sleeping because he’s afraid of someone coming into the house or breaking in, has now literally witnessed his worst nightmare and that’s really hard as a parent.”

Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy and continue to investigate.

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