One drink you want to have on a flight

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A flight attendant has revealed how to avoid “one of the most annoying” side effects of flying.

If you tend to suffer from bloating during a flight, there’s one drink you can have that can help minimise the uncomfortable feeling, according to a British Airways cabin crew member.

She told holiday provider Ocean Florida that “a large cup of peppermint tea before takeoff and every few hours once in the air”, can help “calm nerves and “reduce bloating”.

Doctor shares a quick fix for bloating

“Bloating is one of the most annoying things about flights,” she explained, “especially when travelling long-haul.

“The combination of reduced air pressure, dehydration and sitting for long periods of time slows down your digestion and leads to a build-up of gas in your digestive tract. This is why you often feel bloated, gassy and nauseated while flying.”

She said for travellers who are trying to minimise post-flight bloat, she recommends avoiding eating anything heavy, spicy or greasy before you fly.

“Instead, try to stick to foods that are full of fibre and easier to digest,” she added.

Meanwhile, another cabin crew member Claire Smallhorn, also advised passengers to avoid tea and coffee, or anything caffeinated when flying, instead telling people to stick to herbal tea.

“Drink herbal tea instead [of tea or coffee],” she told Stuff NZ.

She explained that the hot drinks, along with relaxation and meditation, can “help with your body’s readjustment to your final destination”.

Flight attendant reveals the truth about coffee on planes

Virgin Australia flight attendant Sarah Goodwin said in a TikTok that caffeinated drinks can add to your anxiety.

“Before your flight, try not to have anything caffeine-related because that can enhance your anxiety and make you more nervous and jittery.”

Caffeine can also cause headaches and insomnia, which is not ideal if trying to sleep during the flight.

Some experts even say that, if you suffer from jet lag, you should give up coffee days before your holiday.

Samantha Brown, who travels for a living as a TV host, said the key to avoiding jet lag starts days before travelling.

She told Travel + Leisure: “I try to limit caffeine a few days before I leave on a trip so it is totally out of my system when I land.”

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