NT man rescued by police from U-Haul trapped in flood waters

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A man has been rescued after his moving van after it became trapped in the middle of a flooded river.

NT Police received a call from the man on early Saturday morning, after his car and trailer became stuck while trying to drive through a crossing at Blyth River.

The man called from the roof of his car, while waters flooded up to half the height of the bonnet.

The man was safely retrieved by police when they arrived.

NT Police superintendent Jody Nobbs used the opportunity to remind the public of “the potentially life-threatening consequences of attempting to traverse flooding rivers”.

“We urge everyone to prioritise their safety and avoid putting themselves and emergency responders at risk.”

Floods across the Northern Territory are not limited to rural river crossings. In Darwin, torrential monsoonal rains have caused flooding across the city, with the north side being particularly affected.

The Northern Territory Emergency Service (NTES) said the public could expect a strong possibility of flash flooding until Wednesday, with up to 100mm of rain each day in parts of the city.

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services social media has been consistently warning residents of changing conditions, including several roads that were made “impassable” from the flooding.

“NT Police are closely monitoring the situation, and emergency services are on high alert,” they said.

NTES director Fleur O’Connor warned the public that flash flooding may affect the roads they use over the next few days.

“We just want to remind residents to drive to the conditions, use your headlights and if it’s flooded, forget it,” she said.

NTES can be contacted for emergency assistance in floods or storms at 132 500.

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