NRL 2024: Zac Lomax’s potential move to Parramatta could affect Will Penisini

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All the mail suggests Zac Lomax will be at Parramatta next season after the Dragons confirmed he’d been released from the final two years of his contract.

But his plan to get back to his favoured position ar right centre could be problematic with young gun Will Penisini earmarked fill that role for the Eels long-term.

Lomax has been linked with a move to the Eels for a while now, and there’s a still a chance he could join Parramatta this season if the Dragons get a top player in return.

Lomax isn’t happy with his move to the right wing even though he’s performed there strongly in the opening month of the season, but if he does go to the Eels then there are no guarantees he’ll play right centre given Penisini has made the spot his own.

The Tongan representative has developed into one of Parramatta’s elite strike weapons, with the 21-year-old’s face plastered on buses in the local community, but all the chat right now is whether the Eels could have a new star on the books.

“It’s just talk and I’m not sure what’s happening with it, but if it happens, it happens,” Penisini said on Wednesday afternoon.

“I can’t focus on that. I’ve got to focus on our game this weekend, and that’s what I’m doing.

“It doesn’t really bother me if he comes. He’s a quality player so if he comes, he comes, and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. I can’t really look at that right now. I’m just looking at bouncing back from a loss.

“The more quality players we can get, the better it’s going to be. It adds to our depth and competition for spots, so quality players are good to have at any club. Whatever club he goes to, I know he’s going to add that.”

There were reports last year that the Eels were chasing an x-factor player to give their attack a spark, and those rumours will only ramp up now Lomax is officially available.

Dylan Brown wouldn’t mind having another weapon in the outside backs, with Lomax possibly having to shift to the left if the Eels back Penisini to keep his spot.

“Lomax might steal his position. Will might have to come onto our edge – nah, Will backs his ability,” the playmaker said.

“It’s good to have healthy competition everywhere, but we don’t know what Zac’s going to do and I haven’t heard anything.

“It’s all over my bloody Instagram, I see it everywhere. But I haven’t heard a thing about it from the club. Best of luck to him, he’s a great player.

“He’s a freak and he’s one of the best Dragons players. I’m sure they’re upset that they’re losing him, and any club that gets him is going to be pretty lucky.”

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