Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s teenage daughters stepped out to support their mum

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s teenage daughters, Sunday and Faith, have stepped out to support their mum winning a lifetime achievement award.

Sunday, 15, and Faith, 13, look like a perfect mix of their parents, but both girls have inherited Kidman’s beautiful porcelain complexion and their dad’s signature thick glossy hair.

Sunday wore a floral strapless dress, which complimented her blonde locks, and Faith wore a strapless red gown. 

For the occasion, Kidman wore a gold sparkly dress, Urban dressed up in a classic black suit, and her sister Antonia Kidman attended with her daughter Sybella Hawley, 17.

Kidman held her niece Sybella’s hand. Sybella wore a red strapless top with a matching satin skirt, while Antonia wore a black-and-white chic dress.

Kidman’s daughters made the public appearance because she has become the first Aussie actor to receive a lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute.

The award is prestigious, and industry icons like Meryl Streep and George Clooney have been honoured with it before.

Kidman even took to Instagram to share with her nine million followers that she was “deeply moved” to receive the award.

“Deeply moved by all of the support around the world that I’ve been seeing and hearing,” she wrote.

The sighting of the teenagers was unexpected because Kidman and Urban’s kids are definitely not the type of celebrity offspring that grew up on red carpets.

While both their parents are A-listers, Urban’s got his country career and his charming ability to sing along to every song a contestant sings while he’s a judge on The Voice.

Meanwhile, Kidman found a second wind with her career and become the darling of the critically acclaimed limited series, with roles in the The Undoing and Big Little Lies.

Despite the mega fame they were born into, Faith and Sunday are largely shielded from the public eye. However, they occasionally appear in the media when photographed with their famous parents. 

There’s the odd airport photo of the girls arriving back in Australia with one of their parents, the odd paparazzi photo, or the rare photo of them having a beach day with mum and dad. 

For the most part, though, Faith and Sunday stay away from the limelight. Kidman recently opened up about her daughters to Elle Magazine and described them as “exquisite.”

“I marvel at that age group and what they’re dealing with, but also their ability to handle so much,” the Oscar winner told the magazine.

“I have a very full life with people that I love. I’m raising daughters. I’m a wife, I’m a best friend. I’m a sister, I’m an aunt. I have deeply intimate relationships with people.”

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