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Omega Strikersthe free-to-play 3v3 soccer player with full cross-platform and cross-progression capability, has received its next Major July 2023 update 2.3 patch notes out of Odyssey Interactive. It brings a new character, a new game mode, 4 new maps, balance changes and more to the game.

Omega Strikers 2.3 Update Patch Notes: New Characters and Rework

New striker – Finii

With her quips and magic tricks, Finii truly brings “magic” to the term “wizard”! This persistent cheater can complete any squad with the help of some rather…unusual new support abilities and long-range burst damage. Finii can summon a hypnotic (and explosive!) gravity fountain that will tax our game’s physics engine. She also has a trick to increase the damage her team deals to members of the opposing team. You need to plan if you want to steal the show with Finii.

  • Double recording [SECONDARY]
    • Send out a cloud of smoke to LIGHT hit enemies while increasing their total damage taken by 30% for 4 seconds.
    • PvP Knockback and Damage: 140 (+70% Power)
    • Core Recoil: 1260 (+140% Power)
  • misdirection [PRIMARY]
    • Send out a rocket that slows down and hits the first enemy it encounters. When it reaches its peak, it quickly changes direction and hits harder.
    • Boosted PvP Recoil and Damage: 250 (+125% Power)
    • Enhanced Core Recoil: 1405 (+212.5% ​​Power)
    • Light Hit Reduction: 50%
  • Big Graduation [SPECIAL]
    • Create a gravity well in a specific location that will attract and slow down enemies. The fountain explodes after 2.25 seconds or if you cast it again, hitting distant enemies.
    • PvP Knockback and Damage: 180 (+90% Power)
    • Core Recoil: 1500 (+425% Power)


Atlas goes back to the lab to improve his projection. We’re giving him some more aggressive options since he’s behind some of the other meta goalies.

  • Astral projection [PRIMARY]
    • PvP recoil and damage: 160 (+80% power) → 170 (+E damage increased: 160->170 (+85% power)
    • Core Recoil: 1300 (+160% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)


Drek’ar has consistently high MMR and successful tournament runs. In the previous patch, he managed to hide from nerfs, but this time he doesn’t succeed.

  • Molten Bolt [SPECIAL]
    • PvP Total DoT Damage: 200 (+100% Power) → 180 (+90% Power)


Atlas also fiddled with his sister’s gear because he didn’t want to let her down. I hope that now that she takes the biggest chance and attacks an opponent, it pays off!

    • Cooldown: 14s → 12s
    • PvP Knockback and Damage: 210 (+105% Power) → 220 (+110% Power)
    • Core Recoil: 1385 (+202.5% Power) → 1390 (+205% Power)


The pendulum has finally swung. Rasmus had the audacity to show off his beneficial cooldowns and tournament-level consistency after buying several buffs. We’ll put them in the queue again.

  • whiplash [SECONDARY]
  • pendulum swing [PRIMARY]


X can still turn a game all around himself if he gets the right awakenings, so we’re going to be more careful and let him dash over enemies a bit more.

Omega Strikers 2.3 Update Patch Notes: Skins, Awakening and More

UI and other improvements

  • The Strike Shot meter has been updated for mobile and console.
  • Emote mute!
    • Check it out on the scoreboard!
  • Updated voiceover logic
    • Forwards are now more likely to cast their voice to both teammates and opponents when using their special abilities.
      • Octavia and Rune in particular will ALWAYS play their voice to support counterplay purposes.


  • Delicious new Juno flavors! (DO NOT EAT THEM)
    • taro
    • pumpkin
    • milk tea
    • matcha
  • player Juliette
  • A thousand barista emotes
  • New titles!
    • Tea Time Quarrel – Boba
    • Tea time quarrel – jelly
    • Tea time hassle – caffeinated
    • Event – Detonated

Omega Strikers 2.3 Update Patch Notes: Bug Fixes

  • Under certain conditions, Fire Up! will no longer award double energy at the start of the round.
    • In addition, the tooltip now correctly shows how much energy is distributed in the squad while using Energy Burst.
  • SECONDARY rune shadow shift now works in practice mode.
  • Multiple abilities no longer cause the core to freeze when using a gamepad.
  • Your Forward will no longer be eliminated by knockbacks that take you straight out of a KO zone. (mainly applies to Ai.Mi app card)
  • In Awakening Draft, Cast to Last no longer renders Vyce ineffective.
  • The eject button now works with Octavia’s secondary.
  • Attempting to cast other abilities while channeling is active will no longer cast Vyce Special on release.
  • Players are not consistently getting to the loading screen and then returning to the main menu.

That’s all for the Omega Strikers July 2023 update!

What do you think of the Omega Strikers 2.3 update patch notes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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