Mum scares alleged thieves out of home: CCTV shows moment intruders flee home after running into mum

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Shocking CCTV has captured the moment a mum’s angry screams scared away a couple of intruders.

Queensland has experienced a spike in youth crime in recent years with break-ins and thefts an almost daily occurrence.

The mum – who chose to remain anonymous – was inside her Hamilton home, in inner-city Brisbane, on Wednesday when two young males wearing balaclavas allegedly attempted to break in.

One of the males was allegedly holding an axe while the other was allegedly holding a crowbar.

As soon as she set her eyes on the two teens, the mother let out a deafening scream.

“Get the f— out, get the f— out now,” she roared, holding her toddler in her arms.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever screamed like I screamed yesterday,” she told Nine.

“You almost forget that you’ve got the toddler in your arms and you instinctively go to almost run at them.”

Surveillance footage shows the two young men running out the front door, with one tumbling down the stairs in the process.

“Are you ok?” the other teen said, looking down at the other teen.

Police allege the same teens had cased out the home wearing tradies’ uniforms just two days earlier.

“They clearly had a noteboard or a clipboard and were taking extensive notes – kept looking up at our house and making some more notes,” the mother said.

It is alleged the same teens attended multiple addresses in Paddington, Hamilton and Jindalee on Wednesday.

QLD police have been contacted for comment.

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