McDonald’s finally launches ‘adult Happy Meal’ in Australia with six McNugget Buddies to collect

McDonald’s is finally launching the “Adult Happy Meal” in Australia – almost two years after they were released in the US.

The fast-food giant first released the limited-edition twist on the cult kids’ menu item, a collaboration with a US fashion label Cactus Plant Flea Market, in October 2022.

It later dropped a second Happy Meal for grown-ups, which saw the burger experts join forces with American entertainer Kerwin Frost, at the end of last year.

However the super-sized box, which comes complete with a range of collectables, was never released in Australia.

After copping backlash over the move, which saw Aussies plea with Macca’s in a bid to get the “Adult Happy Meal” Down Under, it seems it’s finally our turn.

From February 14, fast-food lovers can buy the “adult” box offers which comes with fries, a drink and a choice of either a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets or a Big Mac.

Of course, no Happy Meal would be complete without a toy, with Macca’s revealing to the adult box also marked the return of “iconic ‘90s collectibles” the McNugget Baddies.

“The McNugget Buddies were first introduced to Aussies in 1998 as part of a limited-time Happy Meal featuring glow-in-the-dark McNugget Buddy collectibles,” Amanda Nakad, director of marketing for McDonald’s Australia, said.

“They’re best known for their wacky adventures, wild imaginations, unique personas and interchangeable outfits.

“No matter how long it’s been, Macca’s fans never forget the feeling of opening a Happy Meal box to see the surprises inside.

“Fans told us they wanted to celebrate that quintessential childhood experience again, so we’ve delivered for the big kids.”

Frost, who created the “special set of Buddies”, said the figurines “each represent different aspects of self-expression” and described the collaboration as “unreal, a dream come true”.

“McDonald’s has been a great partner from day one, and they’ve truly allowed me to create without limits,” he said.

“I hope the Kerwin Frost Box will serve as a reminder for people to hone their creativity and not be afraid to show the world who they really are.”

The highly anticipated McNugget Buddies arrival Down Under is the first time the toy has been available in Australia since they were axed in 2019.

This time, each one comes with their very own collectors trading cards, which Macca’s said is to “take the big kids on a trip down memory lane”.

The announcement is sure to come as a surprise to Macca’s fans who initially complained when Australia didn’t get the initial “Adult Happy Meal” which came with four of the toys – three of which were redesigned versions of the McDonald’s mascots Grimace, the Hamburglar, and Birdie.

The fourth toy was a brand new character named Buddy who appeared to be a McDonald’s employee.

“Another thing Australian Macca’s won’t get,” one disappointed user wrote online after the grown-up menu item went viral.

“We need this Down Under,” another pleaded.

And a third said: “Please Macca’s, give us Aussies an Adult Happy Meal.”

The “Adult Happy Meal” has taken the US by storm, with burger fans going crazy for the limited run on social media.

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