Married At First Sight’s Andrea addresses ‘couple swap’ rumour with Timothy

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Married At First Sight Australia participants Andrea Thompson and Timothy Smith may not have made it to final vows with their respective spouses, Richard Sauerman and Lucinda Light, but they did cosy up to watch the finale together, sparking post-show romance rumours.

In a since-expired video shared on Instagram Story, Andrea, 51, revealed that Timothy, also 51, spent Monday evening at her house watching the finals vows between fellow participants Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams.

Although the couple were controversial all season long, Timothy found their vows for each other so boring, he fell asleep – on Andrea’s couch.

“We’re watching Jack and Tori’s final vows, [daughter] Indi and I,” Andrea said in the video. “With Timmy. And he’s so into it he’s fallen asleep. He’s that bored.”

Andrea then posted a photo of Timothy sleeping on her couch next to her dog with the lights turned off.

The photo quickly sparked ‘couple-swap’ rumours, forcing Andrea to speak out and set the record straight.

“There’s nothing romantic there,” she told New Idea magazine, saying they are simply “beautiful friends”.

“I adore him, and he adores me. He’s been a rock to me at times.”

Jack and Tori’s dramatic final vow ceremony (MAFS)

The photographer said that the “best part of the experiment” for her was the lifelong friends she’s made with some of the cast, especially Lucinda – Timothy’s wife.

The women have remained in touch after the show with Byron Bay-based Lucinda even visiting Andrea up on the Sunshine Coast for a girls’ getaway.

“What an amazing time we had, talking day and night, dining, going to the beach, doing our hair, giggling, and just being silly soul sisters,” Lucinda wrote on Instagram.

“Andi has been there for me since the hens night, and I adore her! Andi – you’re incredibly beautiful, both inside and out! You’re a quirky, kind, and a creative soul, just my type of sweetheart… You feel like home after this unique experience we shared. Love you.”

Speaking of couple swaps, Jonathan McCullough and Ellie Dix indeed ditched their partners, Lauren Dunn and Ben Walters, for each other after filming wrapped. But the relationship was exposed during the final commitment ceremony, which aired two weeks ago.

Lauren was left blindsided after learning of his “hundreds” of texts to Ellie, and despite Jono insisting the messages were just friendly, Lauren let him have it at final vows.

“You had been continuing to build some kind of relationship with another bride, one that you hid from me, then had the audacity to blame me for when you were exposed,” she told him.

“Instead of taking accountability at the final dinner party, you tried to flip the script on me, blame me for not caring and never like you, and not being here for the right reasons.

“You taught me that I should always trust my gut… no, it’s not me, it’s you.”

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