MAFS: Two stars ‘reprimanded’ by producers over major spoiler

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Two Married At First Sight contestants have reportedly been “reprimanded” by Channel 9 after photos emerged of them appearing to be in a relationship, despite currently being matched with other people on the show.

Producers are in “damage control” and have rebuked Ellie Dix, 32, and Jonathan McCullough, 39, for being “so careless” and “reminded [them] of their contracts”, according to Yahoo Lifestyle. has reached out to Nine for comment.

It comes after the reality TV stars have been spotted together on several occasions, including on a cosy beach date in Sydney and in pictures uploaded to social media of Ellie’s work Christmas party late last year.

On the show’s current season, Ellie is with Ben Walters while Jonathan is matched with Lauren Dunn.

A MAFS insider also told Yahoo Lifestyle that Ellie and Jonathan have now been
withdrawn for all media opportunities” for the foreseeable future.

The publication added that the pair’s co-stars are “furious” at them for revealing such major show spoilers.

According to the Daily Mail, the affair began after Ellie called it quits with Ben and allegedly began secretly messaging Jonathan.

The truth is set to be revealed during a future commitment ceremony, with Lauren reportedly left furious about the perceived betrayal.

“Lauren had no idea that Jono kept in contact with Ellie and found out during filming, and boy was she not happy,” a source told the publication.

“She was completely gobsmacked and felt humiliated by the end – but everyone else is happy for them.”

Ellie’s “husband”, Ben, was reportedly just as shocked, according to the Mail.

“Ben had a gut feeling that something was up. He wasn’t surprised, more hurt because he genuinely had feelings for her.”

However, the insider insisted that Jonathan and Ellie had “maintained contact” after she left the show, but the “romance only escalated” until after his relationship with Lauren had officially ended.

Married At First Sight continues 7.30pm tonight on Nine.

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