MAFS stars reveal all at secret Sydney dinner party

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Nova hosted its very own Married At First Sight dinner party on Wednesday evening at an exclusive event in Sydney, and while there were no glasses of wine thrown or abrupt walkouts, there were some secrets shared.

And cast member Sara suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction early in the night, walking towards the waiting cameras in a sheer lilac halter-neck dress – which moved to one side, exposing one of her breasts. She appeared in good spirits though, laughing off the faux-pas as she readjusted her outfit:

Only a select few MAFS participants were invited to the party held at The Grounds of Alexandria, which was hosted by Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie stars, Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, Michael “Wippa” Wipfli and Kate Ritchie – and the antics and conversations were next level.

After striking a pose at the media wall and smiling to a chorus of “deece” with his fellow cast members, Ridge – the man behind the unique catchphrase short for ‘decent’ – unveiled a tattoo of wife Jade’s name on his body. which he got when they holidayed in Bali straight after filming wrapped.

“The joke’s on him, because my name is on there,” Jade laughed as Ridge took off his shirt to reveal her name on his upper back.

The Q&A continued with host Fitzy asking bride Sara where she and her ex – the one she ‘cheated’ with on the show, breaking husband Tim’s heart – stood after the scandal played out on national TV.

“Honestly, I feel like the show really broke that relationship,” she told the crowd, which included Nova competition winners and some media including

“It really cemented that there’s nothing [there].”

Lauren was under the microscope next and surprisingly she only had nice words to say about her husband Jonathan, who last week was outed for texting another bride, Ellie, behind her back.

First, Lauren praised Jono’s skills in the bedroom, saying “he was good in bed and they had a great time”, and said she wished Jono and Ellie all the best.

“F**k I’m going to get in trouble,” she said after confirming Jono and Ellie are now a couple.

“They’re really happy and I couldn’t be more than happy for them and so couldn’t the rest of us,” she said.

“I didn’t dodge a bullet but he found someone better suited, and we could all see that a few weeks in. He’s a really nice guy. He’s way too nice for me.”

Lauren, who arrived at the event in a low-cut little black dress, admitted she went “batsh*t” when she discovered the hundreds of texts her husband had sent to Ellie, but it’s all water under the bridge.

“Obviously, you see me at the dinner and I’m all heated and spicy and I’m going batsh*t, because that’s just being true to myself. I think in the moment I was heated because I just wish he would tell me because he if told me I would be cool about it. I could have left. But it’s all over now.”

“He wasn’t cheating on me, he wasn’t trying to deliberately deceive me. It’s like in these shows if you’re cheating on your bride and the producers find out and everyone finds out, we’re going in.”

Fellow castmate Sara suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction early in the night,

Noticeably absent at the dinner part were controversial couple Jack and Tori.

No one was more disappointed than Tim, who wanted to confront Jack after learning more details of his relationship with his ex – the same ex he allegedly dumped weeks before going on MAFS.

“I’m not going to say what happened or how it happened, but I did get a phone call from Jack’s ex, which actually answered a lot of questions, which made the show make complete sense,” Tim said, before issuing this direct message to Jack: “You f***ing liar.”

“He’s full of sh*t from head to toe,” he added.

When Kate Ritchie asked, “What’s Jack doing?”, Tim replied, “He’s doing everybody.”

It’s a good thing that Tim didn’t try to get involved in other relationships on the show.

Earlier, when he piped up about Sara and her secret date with her ex, Jayden and Ridge basically told Tim to stay out of it.

“Tim listen, we’ve got two successful relationships up here, both half your age,” Jayden said, making a dig a Tim’s failed marriage with Lucinda.

Not that Tim and Lucinda care – they remain good friends after their amicable break-up and they even put on a super-friendly display at the Nova event.

He was even happy for her when she said gentleman have been sliding into her DMs since filming wrapped.

“No one that has fully sparked massive, like in my loins [feelings],” she said. “And women as well have actually asked me out. But I’m absolutely praying for my gorgeous husband to come along and I’m just going to be patient with that one.”

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