MAFS 2024 star Tori hits out at show’s bosses

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Married At First Sight Australia 2024 star Tori Adams has hit out at the show’s producers over how they edited her scenes.

During this week’s dinner party scenes, Tori was seen barely speaking up as her partner, Jack Dunkley, attempted to explain away allegations that he had dumped his girlfriend to appear on the show.

After barely speaking during the scenes, Tori was eventually shown standing by her man, saying: “I’m absolutely happy. I don’t trust easily, but I think at some point there is an element of trusting.”

Following the episode airing, Tori has claimed that a majority of her comments were edited out and revealed that she had been left “disappointed” in the show’s producers as a result.

“I addressed the table that night and I was very clear on my stance regarding that article and they just cut all of it out and made me look like I was a damsel in distress,” she toldYahoo Lifestyle. “It was really disappointing to kind of figure out the angle that they’re going with is just not an accurate depiction whatsoever.”

She went on to insist that how she came across is not how she is in real life, and said that producers have “done her dirty” in the way she’s being portrayed to the world.

“I feel like I come across quite silenced and quite uncomfortable and quite submissive in a way of not being able to speak up, and that’s not me at all,” she said.

“I am not afraid to speak up, I am quite outspoken and happy to share any thoughts.”

Tori continued: “I’m not a victim. I’m not this helpless, poor sod that needs the nation to stand behind me. I’m great, I’m fine. We’re just getting done real dirty with how they’re showing it on TV, and it’s really disappointing. But it is what it is, you know, it’s TV and I signed up to it.”

Despite being saddened about the way the show’s been edited, the reality bride went on to promise viewers that the rest of the season would be “unhinged”.

“It was just such a diverse group of people that really had zero f**ks to give across all of it. And I think it just worked so well because it created the most perfect trainwreck. I think it’s gonna be great, I think it’s just really unhinged.”

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