Madonna awkwardly yells at fan mid-concert in cringe-worthy video

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Madonna had an awkward interaction with a fan during a recent performance on her world tour.

During her performance in Houston, Texas, Madonna opened up about the loss of her mother before performing her next song.

However, while singing the queen of pop found herself seemingly distracted by a fan in the audience that “wasn’t paying attention” while she belted out the heartfelt track.

In response, Madge paused her set and appeared to verbally ridicule the fan, making bizarre remarks about him “wanted to get f**ked” due to the revealing nature of his outfit.

Madonna slams crowd member for not paying attention

“Now I was over here singing about my mother and father and how it was like growing up alone. How I had to give up my attachment and sense of loss and being a victim. I was looking at this guy up there,” she said, before pointing into the crowd.

“What should I say, look at him. See, he’s wearing like barely nothing. Him! The guy with the T-shirt and chains that looks like he wants to get f**ked right now,” she continued, alliciting awkward laughs among the audience.

“I just want to point out that while I was singing my heart out about the loss of my mother he was looking around at the crowd … not at me. I’m just pointing out that I f**king pay attention, so you need to pay attention young man! You’re going to destroy your ego, right now.”

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Madonna will perform a free mega-concert in May on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach to close out her ‘Celebration’ tour.

Calling it her “biggest show yet,” a statement on the pop icon’s website said the concert is meant as a “thank you to her fans for celebrating more than four decades of her music.”

The 65-year-old, whose greatest hits include such classics as “Like A Virgin” and “Material Girl,” last performed in Brazil in 2012.

The May 4 mega-show will be her only concert in South America under her “Celebration” tour, which has taken her to more than a dozen countries and is meant to honour her 40-year career.

Organisers said that the show will have similarities with the New Year’s Eve “Reveillon” parties held on the beaches of Rio.

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