Lotto winner reveals how he will spend $2.4M prize money

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The latest Australian lottery winner has revealed his plans for spending the $2.4 million prize money.

The Melbourne man told The Lott officials that he was on his way to work when he checked his ticket and realised he was one of the winners of a division one prize on Saturday.

“I decided to check it at 8am this morning while I was on my way to work – but I’ll be taking the week off now,” he said.

“I’ve played Tattslotto since, oh god, maybe since I was eighteen years old and I’m now in my 50s!

He said it was so “surreal” to win the top prize after more than three decades playing the game.

“I’m going to crack open a beer and chill out,” he said.

The man – who lives in the north-eastern suburb of Preston – said he has a lot to think about during his week off work but will be considering retirement, renovations and h0lidays in warmer weather.

“I’m going to take it as it comes but a few things have crossed my mind,” he said.

“I think I might retire and finish renovating my house. I also might come to Queensland to see my family – switch the cold for some warmth!”

He purchased the winning entry at Plenty Luck News & Lotto on Plenty Road in Preston – making it the second time in less than two months the outlet had sold winning entries.

“Our customers were telling us that good things come in threes, and we were due for another division one winning entry. I never thought it would happen so soon!” Plenty Luck owner Amol Kapoor said.

“There will be plenty of cheers and laughter at our shop. I’m sure our shop will be noticed from a distance as we will have big balloons, posters, and decorations all around the shop!

Across Australia, there were two division one winning entries in Tattslotto draw 4457 – one in Victoria and New South Wales.

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