Liz Hurley reveals how she keeps looking fit and young

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Liz Hurley is often touted as having an age-defying look despite drawing near to her 60s — and now she has revealed her secret.

Hurley, who often steps out on the red carpet wearing figure-hugging outfits or posts bikinis pictures on Instagram, revealed her no-nonsense approach to eating and exercise.

“My tastes are pretty simple – I don’t drink weird green juices or anything like that,” she told UK publication the Telegraph.

She said she has watched she ate and looked at labels on her food since she was a teenager.

But now she has taken it a step further but cutting out things such as prepackaged sandwiches as they contain “ultra-processed” ingredients. Those items have been cut out of her diet for over a year.

Instead, she opts for simple foods, which includes dishes such as roast chicken, mashed potato and vegetables.

As for her workout routine, Hurley isn’t one to hit the gym every day. In fact, she doesn’t go to the gym at all. Instead she is active in her everyday life.

“I don’t go to the gym, but I’m very active … I don’t really sit still very much. We have a rule in our house that no one’s allowed to put the TV on until 6pm, so nobody sits around until leading up to supper,” she said.

She said she does a lot of gardening, joking it was “bendy-downy, picking up stuff”.

Hurley was pretty tight-lipped in the interview about how she takes care of her skin but did reveal she obviously puts in effort.

“I work for a cosmetic company, I work for fashion companies, I have my own fashion company, I’m in high definition on massive cinema screens. So it’s my business to make more effort … of course I do, it’s my bread and butter,” she said.

Hurley is set to appear in Strictly Confidential, which is her son Damian’s directorial debut.

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