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Wargaming, the developer and publisher renowned for the naval battle MMO World of Warships, has announced that World of Warships: Legends is now available globally on mobile. Accessible at no cost through Google Play and the Apple App Store, players now have the opportunity to engage in intense combat with the advent of the latest update.

In conjunction with this thrilling debut, Legends introduces the all-new Planet Clash event brimming with celestial elements, along with the introduction of four new Japanese cruisers available in Early Access. Additionally, players can embark on a classic five-week campaign, concluding with acquiring a Pan-European Premium battleship.

World of Warships: Legends expands to mobile platforms globally

From this spring update onwards, gamers worldwide are offered a deeper immersion into the World of Warships universe. The introduction of Legends on Mobile enables players to engage in the thrilling combat of World of Warships: Legends directly from their mobile devices. This free-to-play mobile edition, compatible with Android and iOS, boasts crossplay and cross-progression functionality across Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

World Of Warships: Legends mobile
Image via Wargaming

Featuring intuitive touchscreen controls, players can navigate seamlessly through the action. Expect meticulously crafted maps, an extensive array of hyper-realistic 20th-century ship models, and captivating effects. Players can forge their distinctive fleet and embark on maritime conquests with a vast selection of ship types available at launch.

World of Warships: Legends brings Planet Clash Cosmic event

The recently launched Planet Clash cosmic event is poised to create ripples across the universe of Legends. Within this event, players engage in a distinctive PvE mode that becomes progressively challenging as they accomplish various tasks. Those eager to embark on this interstellar journey can choose from a selection of three themed spacecraft, each endowed with its distinct abilities such as “Orbital Strike” and “Electromagnetic Pulse,” along with designated Commanders prepared to lead the way.

World of Warships Legends shell types
Image via Wargaming

Throughout the event, participants have the opportunity to accumulate a time-limited currency known as Stellar Chips, which can be utilized to acquire a diverse range of event-related items, including spacecraft, camouflage options, and various guises for Commanders.

New Japanese cruisers and campaign set sail in World of Warships: Legends

In March, four Japanese light cruisers make their debut in Early Access, accompanied by a five-week, 100-milestone campaign added to the game. These heavy cruisers, available through Japanese Cruisers crates, range from Tier IV to VII and bring significant firepower. Players can acquire these formidable vessels through a dedicated Calendar feature that offers various rewards, including a special Japanese Commander.

The latest campaign, “Sveriges Sällhet,” introduces another desirable addition to players’ fleets. Over five weeks, participants have the opportunity to secure the Pan-European Tier VIII Premium battleship Karl XIV Johan as a prestigious reward. Furthermore, this update includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements throughout the game. World of Warships: Legends is now available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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