Left-leaning Aussies turn against Bakers Delight after Voice vote revelation

Some left-leaning Aussies have turned against the well-known bakery chain Bakers Delight after a revelation about the company’s co-founder that left them shocked.

An article published by the Australian Financial Review on February 1 revealed Roger Gillespie was among the list of rich businesspeople who have supported conservative lobby group Advance Australia (AA).

Mr Gillespie told the AFR he donated $20,000 to Advance Australia and $14,000 to the Liberal Party in late 2022 because “he backed the group due to its position on the (Voice) referendum”.

The news has caused a stir online with some going as far as to call for a boycott of the popular franchise over Mr Gillespie’s support for the No vote in the Voice to parliament referendum.

This is despite Mr Gillespie’s position being backed by the Australian public on October 14.

“Will not be buying anything from Bakers Delight again,” one commenter posted to X.

“I hope every YES voter boycotts the franchise. Yes it will harm the franchisees and their employees, however it will send a clear message to Mr Gillespie” replied another.

“Bakers Delight co-founder supported the abusive Advance Australia campaign against The Voice? Well, well – won’t be shopping there ever again,” a third person commented.

Other Aussies were quick to point out Mr Gillespie was one of many “major backers” who threw their support behind the No campaign.

The AFR revealed Melbourne Storm director Brett Ralph also donated $50,000 to AA through his company JMR Management Consultancy Services, while Kennard’s Self Storage CEO Sam Kennard gave the group $115,000 through his company Siesta Holdings.

Perth car dealer Brian Anderson was the lobby’s largest backer having donated $1 million through his company Hadley Holdings.

The revelation comes after political donations data released on February 1 by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) showed Advance Australia received $5.2 million in donations and other receipts since the federal election.

The conservative activist group claimed to have been the “brains” behind the successful No campaign, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Despite calls for a boycott from some, others argued individual franchisees would be the ones to suffer from the boycott, rather than the company’s co-founder.

“Bakers Delight stores are franchises. A boycott will achieve nothing. No one thought this through,” an X user posted.

Others made a point of doubling down on their support for the bakery chain and Mr Gillespie’s political donations.

“I will definitely be going to Bakers Delight to give them my business,” one person commented.

“Bakers Delight will continue to get my dollars …,” another commented.

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