Kmart shopper surprised by SpongeBob Fuggler toy

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A Kmart shopper has been left confused over a toy she spotted while browsing the department store’s website.

The woman took to Facebook to share an image of the SpongeBob Square Pants and Patrick Star plush toys that didn’t look quite right.

The toys both had swollen eyes, wide smiles and teeth that took up most of their faces.

“I’m sorry but what is this,” the woman begged the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook page for more information over the weekend.

And, as always, the online Kmart lovers community was quick to provide information.

“Fugglers! They are super cute when you look at them properly. We have about 10 at home and one even featured as my son’s birthday cake at his request this year,” one social media user shared.

Kmart's bizarre toy collection revealed

Fugglers are plush toys that are intentionally designed to look ugly, and are particularly known for their standout teeth.

Currently, there are also Teenage Mutant Ninja Fuggler toys available.

Social media users couldn’t help but poke a little fun at the SpongeBob Square Pants toys, with one saying; “SpongeBob and Patrick ate a special Krabby patty.”

One added: “I can’t deal. My son would probably love them ugly things.”

“These are creepy as. Their faces look very human like,” another social media user added.

One revealed: “They fart at you when you walk past them in the store and scare me every damn time.”

It’s not the first time that the toys have been available at Kmart in Australia, and the toys aren’t just loved by children.

Even adults are huge fans of the bizarre creations.

TikTok user @saintbrianjames discovered Fugglers were back in stock in 2023 and immediately rushed into his local store to pick some up.

He said he showed “restraint” by only picking up three of the toys, and he wasn’t the only one.

“I’m embarrassed to admit I currently have 27 fugglers. I’m 29 with no kids, like what hahahahaa,” one person shared.

Another said: “I want one so bad but I can never find them.”

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