Judge Judy’s big move just outsmarted old network

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Judge Judy Sheindlin is making her return to TV this fall — and will have to compete with CBS re-runs of her old show, Judge Judy, reports Page Six.

Sheindlin ended her successful syndicated courtroom series, Judge Judy, after 25 seasons with CBS in 2021.

The famed TV judge and her executive producer, and former CBS exec, Scott Koondel, then created and distributed Judy Justice, a new courtroom show on Amazon’s Freevee streaming service via Sox Entertainment that same year.

Now the highest paid TV jurist is making her way back to linear television this fall after being cleared in 95 per cent of the country, despite CBS “trying to keep Judy out of the marketplace,” an insider told Page Six.

CBS was banking on local markets buying up re-runs of Scheindlin’s old show, and was left gobsmacked when she hit the market with a new product for stations to buy.

Unfortunately for CBS, a source says, they’re now stuck selling repeats of Judge Judy, which has less value in the marketplace while other stations have the option to air original shows from Judy Justice.

Variety reported CBS is trying to secure the most coveted timeslots, and top dollar, for its re-runs while “Sox aims to elbow aside the old show and nab the best stations and timeslots for Judy Justice”.

It didn’t have to be that way, however. Sources claimed there were talks for Judy Justice to replace CBS’ long-running daytime chat series, The Talk, which “will never be The View,” one source put it.

The network’s syndication division owns the rights to the original show’s library, and has provided episodes to stations since the show ended in 2021.

A CBS syndication insider said, “Judge Judy has been a staple of our syndication programming offerings for decades. We already have the whole library to license … our plate is full.”

They were also unfamiliar with any conversations about replacing The Talk with Judy Justice.

A CBS spokesperson did not comment, and a rep for Sheindlin did not respond.

Meanwhile, her EP would not comment on CBS, but described the judge “as a juggernaut with a massive loyal audience,” who, “will follow her from broadcast to streaming, streaming to cable. If I broadcast her on a billboard in Times Square, she would draw a New Year’s Eve crowd,” Koondel said.

This story originally appeared on Page Six and is republished here with permission.

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