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Australian billionaire James Packer, or as I like to think of him, Mariah Carey’s ex-boyfriend, was spotted leaving a London hotel looking rich and debonair.

Packer, 56, was wearing an official men’s uniform when he was told to dress up a little for a meal at the bowling club.

He was wearing baggy jeans, a dark blue sweater and comfortable walking shoes. Yes, he’s a billionaire probably on his way to someplace very posh, but he’s also wearing what someone’s father would wear to enter the local meat lottery.

The footwear was a standout moment because Packer very sensibly chose arch support over aesthetics.

Instead of wearing Gucci shoes, which super-rich men tend to choose as standard attire, he opted for a pair of shoes that your mother would surely have tried to make you wear in high school after a podiatrist diagnosed you with flat feet.

The look was an atmosphere; only really rich people can walk around looking so casual because they don’t feel any pressure to impress anyone.

It might seem low-key, but she was getting into a chauffeured Range Rover and dating water polo star Martin Pepa.

It was quite luxurious in Europe.

Packer is quite private, but in February this year he gave a revealing interview The Night in which he shared that he was debt free and prosperous.

He said he’s been feeling a lot more “relaxed” these days, but revealed why he planned to spend more time in London.

Mr Packer said his second ex-wife, Erica Baxter, and their three children, Indigo, 14, Jackson, 13, and Emmanuelle, 10, reside in the UK.

“I’m not as good a father as I should be. I don’t spend as much time with my kids as I should,” she said.

He explained that despite separating from Erica in 2013 and breaking up with his ex-wife, fashion designer Jodhi Meares, in 2002, after a two-year marriage, it was a great “source of true happiness” that he remained close to both of them. They.

“I am very, very lucky to have been married twice and to be exceptionally close to Erica and Jodhi,” he told the publication.

Packer even went a step further and revealed that he was seeing someone new and feeling positive about falling in love again.

“I hope so,” he said.

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