James Cameron keeps it casual at Sydney Airport

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Hollywood director James Cameron has been spotted blending in at Sydney’s busy international airport.

Cameron, 69, who directed some of the biggest blockbuster films, including Avatar, Titanic, and Aliens, kept it casual in Sydney.

The director wore cargo pants and a casual black long-sleeved T-shirt and even carried his backpack. He looked less like a hugely famous star and more like a sensible dad leaving after enjoying a well-planned holiday.

Cameron has just been in Perth to launch his own exhibition, James Cameron — Challenging the Deep, at the WA Maritime Museum, which opened on March 22.

The exhibition runs until July and highlights Cameron’s relationship between filmmaking and deep ocean exploration.

The director was so keen on it that he travelled to Australia to celebrate its grand opening and held a Q&A with film critic Ben O’Shea.

Cameron has long been very passionate about deep-sea diving, to the point that he told Boat International that movies have come a way for him to highlight his ocean explorations.

“It’s not doing the expeditions to facilitate better movie making; it’s doing movie making to facilitate the science and exploration,” he said.

Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic that grossed billions was based on one of the world’s most famous shipwrecks and launched the career of Kate Winslet and sent Leonardo DiCaprio’s career into a whole new stratosphere.

The film also allowed him to explore his passion for deep-sea diving; it has been reported that he has visited the wreck over 30 times.

Outside of Cameron’s passion for the ocean and filmmaking, the famed director lives a fairly private life and has been married to actor Suzy Amis Cameron since 2000, whom he met while filming the Titanic and now has three children.

While Cameron still appears at awards ceremonies and happily does public speaking gigs occasionally, he seems to live a fairly low-key life otherwise and certainly isn’t one of those famous people whose personal lives have ever eclipsed his work.

Cameron, who has been four times previously, opened up to The Guardian in 2017 about the type of woman he likes.

“Being attracted to strong independent women has the downside that they’re strong independent women — they inherently don’t need you! Fortunately, I’m married now to a strong, independent woman who does believe she needs me,” he said.

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