Influencer Taylor Nunez shops at Bydee store in Sydney

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American social media star Taylor Nunez has revealed her love for burgeoning Aussie swimwear business Bydee, showing off the company’s bikinis and breezy dresses to her 1.5 million TikTok fans after a shop at the company’s flagship store in Sydney last week.

Ms Nunez is holidaying in Australia and in a video recorded from the back of an Uber, said she was “so frickin’ excited” to try out the brand’s summer offerings.

“I got to pick out some things and I am so frickin’ excited” she said.

“I’ll wear it all for Spring Break but I don’t really know if I am going to the beach at all during on Spring Break, but either way, I can wear these all while I’m here and for summer.”

The TikTok star raves about Bydee’s bikinis.

“And then these bottoms, the most flattering bottoms I’ve ever put on my body. So cute with all of the charms,” she said.

She also praises a printed skirt she says will be “cute” as a “cover up” in the video titled “bathing suit haul”.

Bydee CEO and founder Dessy Hairis said the store “gifted” Ms Nunez the items after striking up a relationship with the popular influencer in Los Angeles last year.

“All of our influencer marketing that we do is all organic so we just develop relationships with these girls and I think we’ve developed a really exciting brand that these girls actually want to wear,” she said.

“We never ask people to post, so for us, it’s all about gifting and if they would like to share it with their community they can.

“We never do any agreement where they have to post X amount per month.”

Ms Hairis, who founded Bydee in 2013, said it was difficult to attribute specific sales to a social media star but attention from a popular influencer helped set the brand apart from the stream of advertisements that bombard customers.

“When a TikTok star like Taylor comes in and wears the product and talks about it on her channel, I guess it also gives it a bit of social proof for our customers that yes, you might have seen it in the paid ad but now you’ve got your favourite TikTok star wearing it, talking about it and loving it,” she said.

“I think for us it’s like that full-circle moment, these are actually real-life people who are coming in and loving the product and this isn’t just an ad that’s passed on your Facebook feed.”

Ms Hairis said her growing e-commerce company now did half of its business in the US and expansion into other international markets was in the pipeline.

“I guess you could say we’re chasing summers around the globe,” she said.

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