I’m A Celebrity: Malcolm in the Middle star recalls moment he stormed off set and didn’t return for two episodes

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Frankie Muniz has opened up about an incident that caused him to walk off the set of Malcolm in the Middle.

The actor shared the wild story while chatting with his campmates in the I’m A Celebrity Australia jungle.

Muniz revealed the story behind why there’s two full episodes of Malcolm in the Middle where he doesn’t appear at all, despite being the titular character.

“There were two episodes I’m not in. I walked off the set,” reveals Muniz on tonight’s episode.

The actor, who retired after the show ended to become a race car driver, shared that tensions had reached boiling point on set because “certain people” had become so out of control that the rest of the cast and crew were scared of them.

“Everyone was so afraid to stand up when certain people were controlling or rude or disrespectful. Like they walked on pins and needles,” he explains.

“I was so mortified by seeing people afraid to stand up for themselves, I was like: ‘Say something’.

“I didn’t care if they told me I was never going back, because it was worth it to me. It helped that the show was based around me.”

Meanwhile, by the end of its run, Muniz was making around $US150,000 per episode, not adjusted for inflation. During his reign as “Hollywood’s most bankable teen”, Muniz starred in hit films including Agent Cody Banks, Big Fat Liar, and Racing Stripes.

Speaking to news.com.au before entering the South African jungle last week, Muniz said he made the decision to step away for his mental health, adding he’d suffered “impostor syndrome” for years.

“I never felt like I fully fit in the Hollywood world, even though I was in the world. I was nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes, and I was going to all this stuff, and I was there, and I was like, how am I here?” he said.

“I hated LA, so I kind of stayed in my own little world, my own little bubble. And moving to Arizona, I did it on a whim, and I realised immediately that I started looking up.

“I started enjoying looking at trees and birds in the sky. Going to the grocery store was a fun thing. You don’t get that in LA. It’s a miserable experience.”

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